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Korean Air Executive Resigns Post After Halting Flight Over Snack Service

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Tweet Email Save more Continue reading the main story SEOUL, South Korea — Drunken and boorish behavior, cellphones, crying children and reclining seat backs have all led to flight rage. But a bag of macadamia nuts? Criticism has come nonstop for Korean Air Lines since it was discovered that one of its executives had ordered a flight from New York to Incheon, South Korea, to return to the gate to kick a senior staff manager off the plane in a tiff over how the executive was served the nuts. This… ( עוד...

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bentwing60 1
Thank you. On occasion I thought I was "nuts."
preacher1 0
I didn't get in on all the Twitter hassle but it sounds like she was on a power trip. I notice she has been removed from heading in flight services but she is still a company VP. She probably won't miss any meals.
Margeaux K 0
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'Nut Rage' Airline Exec Resigns (Partially)

A Korean Air exec whose temper tantrum about macadamia nuts has become an international story resigned from some of her duties today, reports CNN. Heather Cho, daughter of the airline's CEO, will still be a VP of some sort, but she'll no longer oversee operations including cabin service.

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