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Passenger Claims Tweets Got Her Kicked Off Flight At Philly Airport

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A passenger claims her postings on social media got her kicked off a flight at Philadelphia International Airport Tuesday playing the victim card, we all know which card will be next. Chances are the pilot flew the inbound leg from Boston, which was late. Certainly didn't have time to hit the bars. ( עוד...

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Folks need to be aware that when flying on an air carrier - they are in charge. There is no "freedom of speech". You abide by their rules, or the choice of driving is an alternative.
Torsten Hoff 5

JetBlue responded to questions from Ars and clarified that Carter-Knight was denied re-entry on the flight due to "unruly behavior," not her use of social media. A company spokesperson added that other passengers tweeted about the flight's delays and were still allowed to board the plane.

"It is not our practice to remove a customer for expressing criticism of their experience in any medium," JetBlue said to Ars via e-mail. "We will remove a customer if they are disruptive and the crew evaluates that there is a risk of escalation which could lead to an unsafe environment. The decision to remove a customer from a flight is not taken lightly."
Martin Haisman 1
That's right and the rest of us deserve to have a uneventful flight to focus on business or holiday etc. As they say removing a person from a flight is not taken lightly.
Mark Kienzle 3
People don't know when to shut up and the burgeoning of social media sure doesn't help. It has nothing to do with skin color or freedom of speech.
matt jensen 4
JB should have had her arrested for interference and put her on the no-fly
Ray Zimmermann 1
I would be surprised that Jet Blue is following her on Twitter.
Torsten Hoff 4
They don't have to -- she used the #JetBlue hashtag, and I'm sure JetBlue has staff (either internal or a contractor) monitoring that.
So because she's black, you're assuming the race card will be played next??? That's pretty biased!!!
Bernie20910 0
I agree, that is biased and, to me personally, offensive.
Chuck Me 1
Offensive? Nah. Just tells us a little bit about who he is as a person. No need to be offended. Just file it in the "some people" file and move on.
Expressing views,even if incorrect,gets you kicked off a plane???
Bernie20910 1
Should it? Most people would say "no", and in a perfect world it probably shouldn't, but we don't live in such a world, and is this really any different than your expectations of how guests should behave in your own house? Some would now argue, not necessarily you THRUSTT, but others, "but what about freedom of speech, as guaranteed in the First Amendment?" I would suggest that a rereading of the exact text of the amendment is in order then, because it most assuredly does not say, or mean, what most people seem to think it says or means. Pay close attention to those first few words, "Congress shall make no law..." Congress. JetBlue is not Congress.
It does in my puddle jumper. Don't know about airliners. Lol
steve rogers -2
there goes freedom of speech !
Bernie20910 2
How so? Did Congress somehow circumvent the first amendment to the Constitution?
Gene spanos -1
Maybe now would be a good time to surface Jet Blue and their service and maintenance practices that take place in a third world country.
Bernie20910 1
PilotGuy251 0
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Airline passenger grounded by JetBlue for tweets about pilot's sobriety test

MANCHESTER, N.H. • A New Hampshire woman was removed from a JetBlue flight after tweeting about a pilot's sobriety testing.

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