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Southwest and SeaWorld part ways

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Southwest and SeaWorld announced Thursday they are ending their longstanding partnership when the contract expires at the end of the year. The promotional and marketing partnership began in 1988, cultivating opportunities involving airline passengers and the theme park's visitors. ( עוד...

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Maria Whittle 6
Good on Southwest! I do not support PETA. I do, however, believe that mammals such as Orcas, do not belong in the entertainment industry, let alone in tanks.
Jesse Carroll 3
Dee Lowry 4
Save the Orcas!! It's just not SWA who is dissing SeaWorld. Take the time to watch "Blackfish" just might have a different attitude about what is happening in these horror shows! Freedom for these mammals that have a bigger brain than you do.
Shame on SWA for falling for the antics of a few zealots and their dogmatic followers. I really hope that PETA is just an excuse of a bigger rift. Just for this...I am having Surf and Turf for dinner...with a leather belt and shoes on. (seriously, I am).
Jesse Carroll 1
Good for you and add some Elk or Deer meat with your dinner!
David Stark 4
I really wish PETA would just go away.
Derek Vaughn 1
This is a PR move, no matter what excuse Southwest gives. I'm completely indifferent to this move, but I will boycott Southwest from now on, since they 'up and left' my hometown after 17 years of service. They weren't completely truthful about their reasoning for it either. They used to be a great company.
Jesse Carroll 1
Blackfish is a horrible film that shows just how sorry Sea World is to the Orca's! Why do all the Orca's in captivity have drooping dorsal fin's? Make's you wonder! Heh!
In the name of science my's in the Name of PROFIT's!!!
PETA is the perfect example of a decent cause gone wrong. Fanaticism in any cause is never a good thing, and PETA advocates have shown themselves, time and again, to be among the most ardently fanatical, making outrageous demands of perfectly legitimate and humanly operating businesses. Southwest should not allow themselves to be bullied by these zealots. If they and SeaWorld have legitimate business reasons for splitting, then just say so. Don't lend credibility to PETA. In their own way, PETA is just as bad as the Islamic jihadists.
Jesse Carroll 1
Being a hunter and fisherman I detest PETA! However, I do support them in the Sea World crap!
Haven't gone to Sea World in 10 years and have one just 10 miles away!
joel wiley 0
PETA works on multiple fronts. They helped pass laws in California regarding the size of chicken cages, ostensibly for more 'humane' conditions. The ultimate goal is to end chicken production. Once we're all vegans will they start on the legumes or grasses?
Conor Ball -1
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

SWA decides to end contract with SeaWorld

The companies will continue to work together through Southwest Vacations. Southwest's three specialty airplanes will return to the company's traditional livery. To some people and spotters this is very unfortunate.
norman belanger 0
I have been an avid customer and frequent flyer on Southwest for close to 20 years...They are becoming less attractive with these decisions.
tom duff 0
I don't see anything wrong with putting a painting of an Orca on a plane. After all Frontier puts animals on their tails. So if they call it animal cruelty then Frontier Airlines should have been out of business a long time ago. What has this world come to?
Maria Whittle 3
What did I miss? Who said painting animals on plane tails was abuse?
rwb2112 0
Wonder what will happen to `Penguin One` ,their latest theme plane related to SeaWorld?
According to the article, "Southwest's three planes with customized paint jobs featuring Shamu or penguins on the side will return to the company's traditional color scheme."
Jesse Carroll 0
I'm sure Alaska Air will buy it!
Ray Preble 0
Ray Preble here I didn't see nothing wrong with the Sea-World paint schemes on the Southwest 737,S it is and was good advertisement for Sea-World.

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