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Delta passengers outraged when child poops on airplane seat

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Passengers on a Delta Airlines flight from Beijing to Detroit last week were horrified when a Chinese child squatted on his seat and proceeded to defecate, World News, a U.S.-based, Chinese-language news site, reports. The child’s parents spread newspaper on the seat to catch the waste. Passengers reportedly asked the parents to bring the child to the restroom, but the child’s grandfather insisted that his grandson finish his business at his seat. ( עוד...

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isardriver 3
unreal - reprehensible - the parents/grandfather should be fined for a number of things, including a thorough cabin cleaning. further - the buttclown (parent or grandfather should have been forced to pick up the mess and put it in his pocket, or sit in the kids seat). unreal what some morons think is normal - complete disregard for others
preacher1 1
At least he put newspaper down. LOL
When you travel with internationals there is no tellin what you witness and what vermin you encounter. Culture clash at its finest.
erniekovacs 1
An American carrier ,with American crew, landing in an American city. Anymore when a passenger just looks cross-eyed at a flight crew the local police and Homeland Security gets involved. I have not read such in this article. Why not? Global diplomacy? Are we too scared to do or say anything to the Chinese?
Felix Senada 1
I thought so too very disgusting and lacking the consideration for others.
ed lang 1
You know for sure that if this had been a domestic flight that passenger (or their parents) would have rightfully been arrested
Richard Judy 0
My Goodness...what next? EVERYONE travelling with this kid should be hauled off to JAIL and get a nice bill from Delta for having to clean the WHOLE airplane!
Felix Senada 0
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Little kid causes a stink after parents tell him to poop in his seat during Delta Airlines flight

Planes are never especially pleasant places to be. Even up in first class, you’re stuck in your seat for hours on end with no chance of stepping outside for a breath of fresh air, and with so many bodies packed into the same metal tube, it’s inevitable that the air starts to get a bit stale after a while. On the plus side, the worst you’ll have to deal with is a bit of body odor or your neighbor’s stinky snack food and not the overwhelming stench of a Greyhound port-a-potty.
Network Cafe -2
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Delta passengers outraged when child poops on airplane seat.

Parents insist on letting toddler finish his business, even as flight attendants attempted to persuade them to take the child to the lavatory.

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