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Emirates locks down order for 150 Boeing 777X jets: 115 x 9X and 35 x 8X

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Emirates has signed on the dotted line for 150 of Boeing's new 777X jet, finalising an order worth a staggering US$56 billion at list prices, with purchase rights on an additional 50 777X aircraft. ( עוד...

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Srikumar Chellappan 1
They are probably the most popular airline on Asian and South Asian routes, connecting from middle east. Pretty much every flight is packed to capacity.
Navy65 0
Where does Emirates find that many passengers to make these planes profitable?
Leighton Elliott 1
On the oil fields were all the foreign workers are, that want to travel home for a visit. We could enjoy the same luxury if our oil reserves were not being hamstrung from within!
Rene Kunz 1
With ultra cheap fares to take air travelers away from the long established airlines even losing money by doing so. The middle-eastern airlines, with their big oil money pockets can affort to operate in such a manner will ultimately take over world wide air travel. The writing has been on the wall for some time now, has it not.

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