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Malaysia Air Officials Deny Reports MH370 Pilot is Primary Suspect

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Seattle - Yesterday, the Times of London reported unnamed sources close to the investigation of the mysterious disappearance of MH370 are saying pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah is the primary suspect in the probe into the plane's disappearance. The news outlet indicated that if human intervention was the primary cause of the plane's disappearance, that Malaysian officials suspected his involvement. Subsequently, CNN reported that Malaysian officials are dismissing these reports, and indicating that the investigation involves all possible scenarios. The Times reported that Zaharie's home flight simulator indicated (after extensive forensics were conducted on his home computer) he was practicing landing 777's on "short runways" in remote regions off the coast of Australia.

Further, the Australian government is reporting it will announce new search area(s) for the ill-fated flight on Wednesday of this week. The Australian government, now leading the search, is receiving bids from private organizations to take over the search. The bidding process for this search is to be completed in June of this year. See link for the related CNN story. ( עוד...

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Typo - Obviously meant to say Malaysian officials on first reference...not Singaporean! Apologies
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Get it together Matt.
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MH370 Captain Now "Chief Suspect"

The captain of MH370 is now the "chief suspect" in the loss of the aircraft after investigators found some deleted files in his elaborate home flight simulator.

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