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This Gargantuan Plane Was Almost The Post-WWII Airbus A380

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Even today's Airbus A380s, the grand star of any international airport that can receive them, make's people stop mid-traffic just to marvel at their imposing form. So what makes the cut as a gigantic airplane? There is no real criteria, it's just one of those things that you know when you see it. ( עוד...

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ADXbear 2
How cool... we forget just how good we used to be as American manufacturing and innovation..
Jerry Rader 2
Hope they find a way to restore this amazing airplane. This is the kind of airplane that needs to be preserved for future generations in a museum. Rare airplanes are priceless.
bbabis 1
I agree Jerry. Maybe at least to display status.
Geoff Cook 3

I am sure the Museum at Wright Patterson will gladly accept your donations towards it's renovation! ;-)
bbabis 2
Brilliant thought Geoff! One can donate to the XC-99 or any other project they desire.
Tom Pera 1
plane was parked at Kelly Air Force Base, San Antonio for years... guy who lived next to it charged $5-10 to go some great pictures then but plane was falling, it is in pieces at AF museum, Wright Patterson and will be reassembled and preserved
bbabis 1
Too much too late, for pistons anyway. It's amazing that it came out of the shop with gargantuan single mains as did the original B-36. Other than easily being able to tell if a tire was a little down, what were they thinking?

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