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United Debuts Embraer 175 Planes in United Express Fleet

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United Airlines announced it has added its first Embraer 175 aircraft to its United Express fleet. The airline added additional service between Chicago and both Boston and Washington, D.C. using the new planes. ( עוד...

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ccthorp 2
A picture of one such plane seen at Sky Harbor in mid-April:
Garry Parker 1
Maybe someone knows the answer to this question: Is United Continental Holdings buying these for their contracted carriers to use, or are the carriers buying them on their own at UCH's request?
Stephen Comstock 1
Now, if United could just get them running reliably and on-time...
Douglas Grover 1
Here's to hoping they spread out geographically. I spend half my life on C2s, C7s and E4s. The E7s are a HUGE improvement.
jeffrey stasik 1
I've been flying on this aircraft for years in Europe, LU routes to/from Germany. Nice ride, and plenty of room for a cabin bag. What I would like to know, is just why Boeing is not producing a competing model in the USA?
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