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Airbus brings the A350 to DFW for a visit

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There was a French visitor at American Airlines maintenance hangar at DFW Airport on Monday. Airbus flew in one of the test A350s from Toulouse, France late Sunday evening and put it on display for the media and employees at American. The Fort Worth-based carrier has 22 A350-900 XWB aircraft on order with the first delivery expected in 2017. The aircraft in Fort Worth is the second A350 off the Airbus assembly line and is on its way to Florida to a climate temperature testing facility. It is the… ( עוד...

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Ric Wernicke 4
Does the tail number WWCF mean Wocka-Wocka Carbon Fiber?
indy2001 2
<"This cabin is a good bit wider than the A330 we fly today," said Captain John Dudley, an Airbus pilot for American.>

Really? According to the Airbus web site the width of the A350 is 5.96 m, while the A330 has a width of 5.64 m. That 0.32 m increase (~1.0 ft) represents a 5.6% increase. That's "a good bit wider?"

And what A330 is American Airlines flying today?
SootBox 1
What's with the goiter around the belly?
Barrett Reed 1
I have posted several pictures of the aircraft here at KDFW if you would like to check them out.
ToddBaldwin3 1
I noticed the aircraft has "mood lighting." Is that like a mood ring?
prcraptor -9
new airline name suggestion: American Sellout
Tim B 7
Like any corporate decision, it is driven by the bottom line. Obviously, this company thought this aircraft was the right fit for their business. Don't you like the free market?
Let me ask you something else: How much of what you buy is made in China? Thought so.
His computer that he's using could fall under that label...

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