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Alaska Airlines Gifts 6 Million Miles to Children's Hospital after Seahawks Win

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Seattle - After one of the most impressive Superbowl wins in history Alaska Airlines salutes Russell Wilson, Chief Football Officer, for leading the Seattle Seahawks team to victory over the Denver Broncos. Alaska Airlines matched donations to give nearly 6 million miles to Seattle Children's Hospital in Russell Wilson's honor. ( עוד...

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PhotoFinish 2
Matt Pilla צוות האתר 2
I feel so good about this - I am receiving emails from all over from people offering their miles to help the kids. What an industry we have!
Brien Godfrey 1
Thanks for posting the squawk. Found out on our flight that some of the folks that were in first class donated 4 tickets to the Superbowl game which were given away on our tailgate flight to Newark, NJ, besides donating their airmiles for the cause.
Brien Godfrey 1
I was one of the lucky ones that went last weekend to NYC with the Russell's 12th Fan Airlift. I want everyone to know that Alaska Airlines is the best! My hat off to you Brad Tilden (CEO) for coming along with us, you are a class act, especially with the donation!!!!

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