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FAA Downgrades India’s Aviation Safety Rating

U.S. regulators downgraded India’s aviation-safety ranking Friday, a move that will crimp plans for India’s airlines to increase service to the U.S. The Federal Aviation Administration announced the change in the country’s status from Category 1 to a Category 2. The change will also mean that current flights will face existing checks, according to India’s Directorate General for Civil Aviation. ( More...

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kev wu 1
Another link to the same report...
Another link of the same report
FAA downgrades Indian aviation safety oversight to Category 2

The lesson I wish to high light is that FAA is fully competent to down grade or upgrade any country/airline to fly into or over American skies.
FAA followed the due process of law before the downgrade action of Indian aviation.
So, if country A is downgraded due to poor record or performance, country/airline B can also be downgraded.
The reference is to perceived performance of Asiana/Koreans/Asians . Which is so often displayed on this portal.
Paul Racines 0
If one has ever seen the car traffic/pedestrian situation in India, how they could even have an air traffic system is beyond my comprehension.

Dear friend Paul Racines while you are right about road traffic conditions in India, BUT your rationale about Indian Aviation defies logic ! From any standard.
In your country ,what ever it may be, are the standards of granting car driving licences and flying licences same ? Even if you live in a 'highly civilized' country ?
Therefore please do think before making sweeping remarks.
I have in my stock plenty of strange examples from the so called 'dignified' countries which will make India a boy scout !
Paul Racines 1
Most dear and honorable Mittal, I have a rational view which is logical, let me explain it:
The FAA is part of the USA which is the country that was first to fly and first to have an aviation system in place designed for safety. If the country of India cannot/will not get road traffic/pedestrian safety regulations in place in major cities, then I have to question if they have several different governments. We know it is one government, maybe different agencies within the government, but the same safety/efficiency standard cant be that different, or is it?. If it is, well then can we say the FAA is wrong for the added scrutiny indicated by the article? But anyway what does India care about what the FAA says? India does care because the FAA has lots of experience from the records in all forms of transportation accidents from long before India had car traffic. I think the FAA is communicating a caution to India for the safety of the flying public in India, a very kind thing to do in my view. Agreed that driving and flying have different regulations, but a chaotic mess should be intolerable on the road system, if it is not, what does this tell me about the government that runs the airspace system. Just wait until more air traffic crowds the skies of India then disaster awaits. The FAA is trying to prevent disaster by sending a "caring" message to an allied country. My statement above is not intended to communicate arrogance/pride in any country, I do not pledge allegiance to any country, because no country pledges total allegiance to The Bible. The pride you seem to have for India should not get in the way of the safety of its citizens and visitors. It is better to take advisement from about a century of wisdom (the FAA has) and face the facts that are clear (the FAA is concerned about safety). But in no way will I tell you what to do, I know that I will never drive or fly in India unless God Himself orders me to go there....highly unlikely.
Yes traffic system in our country is bad , no doubt. But correlating this with Indian Aviation scene doesn't seem logical.
No doubt, of late we have been found lacking there also (aviation) , from ICAO standards and those of FAA and corrective measures are on the way.
In life, some respond on the basis of advice, some on the basis of warning and some others need reprimand or sanctions.
This time, Indian Aviation is waking up AFTER reprimand, sadly.
The new head of DGCA is taking action on various counts. Irrespective of the fact that who is the receiving end. Or who will emerge as the cause of problems.
Kindly check out this small news item from today's new paper, dt. 1st March, 2014.

DGCA warns Boeing over Dreamliners

Clearly some one has to be responsible, may be Being or Indian DGCA or both ! Facts will emerge. Because DGCA is waking up to the downgrade embarrassment !
Paul Racines 1
I agree that Airbus, Boeing, and the FAA are not perfect and they are far from being totally innocent. The love of money has corrupted many people and organizations, this will continue for a little while longer in the grand scheme of things.


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