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Four Machinists ask NLRB to overturn last week’s vote

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Headline speaks for itself, we will see what happens... ( עוד...

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PhotoFinish 1
Actually given the recess apointments Obama has made to the NRLB, they may vote against the company, no matter what the law states. Their decisions have been decidedly one-sided lately.

I wouldn't count out the possibility that the NRLB would overturn the union members' vote, as it is seen by some union sympathizers as anti-union.

But as John, so astutely points out, a 'NO' vote would give Boeing an excuse to build more non-unionized facilities elsewhere. But the whole process would come at the cost of great pain, particularly in the Puget Sound region, not only for labor but also for the company. It would greatly impact the company's ability to deliver aircraft in either a timely or quality controlled fashion.
canuck44 1
The myth that this particular labor force is essential to build aircraft in a timely or quality fashion is unsupported. The South has lots of folks quite capable of following instructions, construction and repair of sophisticated aircraft. Boeing can always offer jobs to its supervisory personnel to relocate in any new factory plus the wing construction is essentially new whether in Washington or elsewhere.

As far as timely, wildcat strikes defying leaders and signed contracts do not enhance the resume for Washington. If you cannot trust the union leadership to keep employees from walking off because the coffee in the lunchroom is the wrong temperature, it is unlikely the contract will be fulfilled without disruption.
PhotoFinish 1
I've tread in this forum that many more 787s get built in Washington than SC. That implies that there may be better productivity in Everitt. Could just be that Boeing assigned resources for greater production up north, but some have made it an experience/ productivity issue.

As far as quality, I'd like to know the relative reliability of 787s broken down by assembly location and then again by part supplier to tease out the reliability of each part supplier and the quality of the assembly at the two locations.

Boeing has this information. But they likely keep it close to the chest. Some number of people who read these forums know these numbers. But no one shares, ever. Granted it is proprietary company knowlede.

Still I wonder.

I can't tell you for certain one way or the other. But at this point, this is a question that can be measured. And has been. Boeing has a full-time command center that continuously tracks their entire 787 fleet for all airlines.
conmanflyer 1
SC is more of a secondary production facility as compared to Everett. It wasn't built to take all the workload from Everett, it was built to add capacity. And continue to crank out airplanes in the event of a strike, even at the reduced rate.
joel wiley 1
Quelle une surprise! Someone on the downside complains the vote was unfair. If it had been a completely impartial, fair, and aboveboard election, it would have been the first one I've seen in 45+ years of union membership.
canuck44 1
22 states will support another vote...this type of action should indicate to Boeing that there is not about to be labor peace in Washington and it is time to move on. If another vote is mandated by the NLRB, Boeing should just withdraw their last offer and begin the move to warm weather and labor peace in a right to work state.
PhotoFinish 1
Sad but true. I have to agree with you John, as much as I wish I didn't have to. I'm the eternal optimist, and wish they oils have peaceful labor relations in Puget Sound.

There are some good workers up there, and lots of institutional knowledge in all those heads. I wish workers would be happy to have the best manufacturing jobs in the world with the lest benefits (BOTH before and after the changes in benefits).

I'm a cynic too, but still hold out sole hope for peace up there. Still I wouldn't stop building up alternative venues for manufacturing and building up expertise elsewhere.

If and when a industry cyclical downturn happens, and it will happen -- the only question is when -- Boeing should be able to choose between closing plants that havin varying levels of cost and productivity, and varying levels of peaceful relations with labor.

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