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The best seats on a Boeing 777? Try the upstairs bunk beds!

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The best seats on a Boeing 777 might not be at the pointy end of the plane – they could in fact be the 'secret' bunk beds nestled upstairs above the economy section ( עוד...

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floatplaneS7 2
I've been fling these beasts over 5 years, I agree they are the best seats in the house. Huge arm chairs to watch movies & eat meals them there are 7' bunks completely separate behind them. All sound proofed and all the bells and whistles

Love it
geoff devery 1
WOW... your flight crew... how good is that... what is it that you do? serve the food..
floatplaneS7 1
Done that too..... :-)
Torsten Hoff 2
>> Lift up the bunk's mattress and you'll see an escape hatch.
>> This drops down to seat 65G, through the overhead luggage compartment.
>> Of course, that's not a real luggage compartment: note the missing latch on 65G's overhead bin, compared to its neighbours.
>> That's because this compartment can only be opened from the inside, when the crew shimmy through escape hatch.

Wow. That's absolutely crazy. I've flown on the 777-300ER and never would have guessed that the cabin crew might be taking a nap somewhere above me.
floatplaneS7 1
Must beEK, because our tech crew bunks are above 1-2 row
floatplaneS7 0
I've been saying that ever since my first flight :-) & I'm flight crew :-)

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