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Calgary to get first Dreamliner flight this summer

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CALGARY - The Boeing Dreamliner — the world’s most technologically advanced jet — will make its first appearance on a Calgary runway this summer, British Airways confirmed Tuesday. Starting July 5, the U.K. airline will be using one of its new 787s for its Calgary-London route, said British Airways executive vice-president Sean Doyle in a release. Austin, Texas and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania were the other two North American cities included in the announcement. ( עוד...

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Thomas Reid 4
This is great news for YYC and a welcome addition with the new runway opening in 2014.
J L 4
There was a rumour that the first 787 flights into YYC might actually be some Aeromexico charters. Perhaps somebody out there knows about this. I do not know.

This BA flight will certainly be the first regularly scheduled 787 flight. At some point, AC might put a 787 in place of the 767 on YYC-NRT.

It will be nice to see some different planes at YYC in summer 2014. AC's 777 and now BA's 787.
CaptainFreedom 2
Awesome. Best airport in Canada.
dardav 2
Wow this is fantastic. I thought AC would be the first, but with regular BA 767 flights daily, this will be a wonderful sight for us enthusiasts to get close up and photos of this techno aircraft. I will be there no matter what!!
Mario Bergeron 2
Fabulous news. I will be at YYC to take a look. Visiting the factory in Seattle was quite impressive

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