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737 takes off from City Centre Airport

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EDMONTON – It came down to crunch time, but a historic piece of Alberta’s aviation history took off from the City Centre Airport Friday afternoon, just one day prior to the airport’s closure. ( עוד...

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It was a sad day today as the EDMONTON CITY CENTRE (MUNI) will be closed for good NOV.30.2013...I watched the LAST PWA 737-200 leave today..miss those day's!!

OceanPoint 3
Yep I sure do. Have done endless medivac in there.
Gudseeds 3
Saw that on Global Calgary this AM.. Nice to see they 'Got it to its New Home' ! I noticed the did not retract the landing gear for the short flight ! Probably good idea as it has been down for so long ! Would have been Sad Day for AB Aviation History to have it scrapped ! Great Job by the entire Team to get it ready in such a short time frame !
Jim Heslop 2
Flew "Piggly Wiggly" several times to YVR, YYJ, YLW, YCG and enjoyed every minute of it. Watched them land at YCG once coming in low theough the valley from Nelson, banked HARD left and pulled out wings level as it smoothly touched down! Now thats flying!!
Rick Rae 1
It's a disgrace that the Muni is closed. At its peak it was generating $4M/year for the city. And also launched PWA. Living in the north and travelling through the place countless times, "short sighted" doesn't even begin to describe Edmonton City council.
Gary Hendrick 1
Having previously lived in Edmonton and used the Muni countless times when it was active, I really believe this was a short-sighted, politically based decision by Edmonton City Council that has cost the city dearly. Most cities would kill for an active airport five minutes from downtown to support regional traffic growth.
Gudseeds 1
I think they would rather have you 'commute' the 30+min..rather than answer all the 'Noise Complaints' from New Residential Area Folks !
Mike Malin 0
Ah! Yes . I have seen the snow blown off the roof tops a couple of times landing in IFR conditions and played different games with people to pass the time away while waiting for the weather to legal for take off . Yes those were the days .

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