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Spirit Airlines Sees Business Take Off With Raunchy Ads

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South Florida-based Spirit Airlines is known for being cheap. It boasts "ultralow" base fares and then charges for items such as carry-on luggage or printing out your boarding pass at the airport. That thrift carries over to Spirit's advertising. ( עוד...

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Brad Littlejohn 4
And as predicted, the US has its own version of Ryanair.
Sean Kelly 2
There are some pretty amusing comments over on NPR's Facebook:
Toby Sharp 1
Those comments are hilarious. You get what you pay for people.
Brad Littlejohn 3
Agreed. If I wanted something like that, I'd petition Pace to bring back Hooters Air. At least with Hooters, the raunchiness is already a well known fact prior to advertising.
Roland Dent 1
If you want "raunchy" there was none better than the Delta finger wag. Those unfamiliar look up Delta Lina.

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