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You'll Never Look At Airplanes The Same After This Film

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If you watch one thing today, watch this. You'll fall in love with airplanes. I guarantee it.P The sheer beauty of flight is something that we never really think about. We also tend to take flight for granted. Like Louis CK says, you're sitting on a chair in the sky. You should be freaking out the whole time. This film has everything. 787s, 777s, fighters, tankers, cargo jets. It's amazing how all of these things can fly. ( עוד...

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Katey Goldner 3
Amazing, makes me want to take a vacation just so I could go on a plane!!!
Kira Andreola 3
Dennis See 3
Awesome video!
dardav 3
absolutely stunning, and the flying looks good too!!
jclark46 3
That's the stuff that touches our hearts
Jan Ludekuize 2
In one word: MARVELOUS
Michael Restivo 2
Absolutely beautiful. Here is to the greatest invention for me. The Airplane!
Avineesh Suppiah 2
Great Filming, Great Video
trevor caruso 2
wow, that was gorgeous.
sparkie624 2
Very nice photo work.. Job well done to someone.
Tom Kennedy 2
Great video. I live on the approach path to north/south runway of Sydney airport, Kingsford Smith. People think I'm crazy when I tell them I sit out in the yard and watch these graceful birds swoop. The takeoffs are the best. Nothing like a full-throttle 747 screaming over, wings bent under the weight. Magic!

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(v)e Same 1
Was lovely, makes me miss those days when I was single and could hop a flight just for the heck of it. I guess the flip side is worth it, but its a fine line when watching a video like this one lol.
Ken Lane 1
Now, THAT is sexy!
bees31ballard 1
Very Nice. Makes me want to fly. Nice mix of Military and Commercial
USAFcptnShades 1
Makes me look forward to fly down to St. Lucia @ the end of the month :)
Linda Derksen 1
Beautiful video, truly amazing.
Avineesh Suppiah 1
Stunning footage, I absolutely loved it.
Roland Dent 0
Not as stunning as this

You want more than machines in life.
Ken Lane 2
Yeah... the SU-31 s a cool airplane.


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Avineesh Suppiah 3
Hamster Vonk 2

Somehow their money is good enough for Boeing.

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Phil says he's not racist. I believe him. It's the Muslim religion he don't like because many who practice it want to kill him. Very few people are true racists. Muslims are a good example of a group of people who harbor a huge bias against non-Muslims regardless of race.
bentwing60 1
James801 and Wallace24, while I will say I agree to some extent with your posts, this is not the time or the venue for the display. Politics is one thing, cultural bashing is another. The rewards of that endeavor are rarely reaped and the repercussions are widely felt. I don't know if Phil is a troll or not , and I don't care, and I am not the FA cop. Been here a long time and so have you. On topic or on politics, in my opinion , is fair game. Tearing down the world is not! Give me your best shot!
Was pointing out to 801 that Phil's beef is with a religion not a race. Didn't do any culture bashing. Race, religion, culture: 3 separate items.
Happy Labor Day. Let's all go flying today!!
bentwing60 1
Good Idea and Ditto.
Glen England 3
There's no room for that type of talk around here. If you can't say something nice, especially if you're going to say something inflammatory about someone's heritage or background or genes, it's better kept to yourself.
Elena Hofmayer 1
I really agree and this site has beautiful information. I used to know someone who was a pilot and have enjoyed those free flights as well as gliding. So from this site i have the pleasure to read beautiful comments and what is going on aviation.
Thanks for having me.

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