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Lead bar falls from sky, crashes into Seattle family's home

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(CNN) -- The crashing, pulverizing sound of heavy metal invading a home can ruin a quiet weekend spent with the family. It led some Seattle residents to call the police. But it wasn't a noise nuisance caused by hard rock music that they complained about. The heavy metal was a bar of lead that plummeted from the sky Sunday, puncturing the roof of a Seattle home, police said. The three-pound chunk left a hole the size of a small shoe box, according to the Seattle police department. ( עוד...

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preacher1 2
While probably giving a scare, they aren't too excited about it as they waited 2 days to call police. With 2 bolt holes and a serial number it ought to be traceable. Whether anyone will own up to it or not is a different story.LOL
Mickey McCarthy 1
To my largely uneducated mind it looks like some glider pilot felt that he was in deep trouble.
Torsten Hoff 1
Interesting theory -- I hadn't considered that.

When I was a teenager I flew gliders, and because of my weight I would be required to add balast when flying dual-seater trainers solo from the front seat. That was accomplished by bolting metal bars next to the center skid from the outside of the aircraft.

However, the weights were made from cast iron, not serialized, and the bolts were not accessible from inside the cockpit.

The more modern composite solo gliders had weights bolted on the inside of the cockpit, but you wouldn't be able to get it out of the airplane without opening the canopy.
bentwing60 1
Ever seen the lead balance weights on the elevator tips of many an old GA airplane. Especially Pipers. About the right weight.

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