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Southwest Airlines And Sea World Unveil New Penguin One, A Boeing 737-700

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outhwest Airlines in partnership with Sea World in Orlando has unveiled a new logo jet, Penguin One, to celebrate the park's new Antarctica attraction. Emblazoned on the side of the Boeing 737-700 airplane is a Gentoo penguin... ( עוד...

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Christoff du plessis 3
David Stark 3
For the virtual radar and ACARS crowds, the aircraft is N280WN.
Brad Jacobson 3
Now if only we could actually track this bird and other Southwest specials on FA...
David Stark 1
You can. Just input the tail number.
ryandouglas 3
Crap, thats meant to be Southwest Airlines!! :S
Brad Littlejohn 2
For all of you out there who are parents of small children under 5 (like me)..

Doesn't this remind you of Pingu?

All we need now is for SWA to make a trip to McMurdo. :)
TWA55 2
Real Cooool
Kenneth Wise 2
Why did they not just call it PengOne?
SootBox 1
I wish Playboy Magazine had an airline.
David Stark 1
It does have an airliner.
SootBox 3
Figures... for Hef, a tired Dick 9.
ryandouglas 0
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outhwest Airlines reveals unique Penguin livery on Boeing 737 (Photos & Video)

Southwest Airlines is world-renowned as a ‘fun-loving’ brand, which is reflected in all aspects of the low-cost-carrier’s operations. For example, did you know that 13 of Southwest Airlines’ Boeing 737s have been painted in unique schemes? The latest addition – 'Penguin One' – was unveiled this week to celebrate 25 years of partnership with SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, featuring one of the tourist attraction’s iconic animals.

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