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Sydney Airport hotel a runway success

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PLANE spotting has a new home: the Rydges hotel at Sydney Airport that has rooms with runway views. ( עוד...

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Derek Strek 4
DTW has a Westin hotel right on Tarmac, great for plane spotting. Also private entrance to the delta terminal with TSA checkpoint just outside lobby.
pdixonj 4
ATL also has the Renaissance Concourse hotel on the northside of the field...great view of the entire airfield.
SootBox 1
I stayed at the Ren one night before an EARLY AM flight (even though I lived in Atlanta at the time, 39 miles north of the airport) and when I checked in there was a sign in the lobby warning us to keep our windows shut due to jet smog being concentrated near the ground. It was an incredibly stuffy, suffocating and humid few days and Atlanta was experiencing red level smog alerts. I stepped onto my balcony for a minute or two and my eyes were watering. No clue how the guys on the tarmac were surviving...can't imagine.
preacher1 1
I stayed there a couple days back in 94 with wife and young son. What really impressed me is that one of the taxiways was just a couple hundred yards away. I remember closing the sliding glass doors and standing there watching, but not hearing a 727 idle by. What I do remember well though is the ATL smog, not necessarily at the airport, but we left out about 0300 coming home and it wasn't until we got up above Chatsworth somewhere until we got in clean air
David Bartel 2
Just last week my Wife and I stayed Two nights at he Holiday Inn right off the Airport grounds at Houston Hobby. Great views of the terminal, taxi ways and Runway 22. Several arriving and departing planes came right over the Hotel and we could almost count rivets from the Hot Tub out back. Alright, I can hear the questions now..."what were you thinking? Counting rivets on passing planes while in the hot tub with the Wife?" I have a broken leg so pretty much anything more was rather out of the question.
Roger Curtiss 2
The greater question is how you got in the hot tub with a broken leg.
Anyway- the mark of a great wife is she understands when you have that a good a spot for planespotting everything else may have to wait.
David Bartel 1
Roger, It was an assisted stabilized precision approach with a slow decent and only a little float just before touchdown in the hot tub. The worst part was the climb-out it was quite hot, humid and we were now lacking full power. Oh, and this stop was about the halfway point of our Honeymoon flight plan.
Don Santiago 2
LAX Hilton also has great runway views. Only problem is that can get real loud.
Tim Swift 1
Amazing. As much as I love aircraft and everything about flight, I'm not so sure I'd want my hotel that close to the airport.
Beth Andries 1
Westin DFW is in the flight path - I saw the bellies of many planes from the pool
Beth Andries 1
The LAX Westin is also pretty darn cool, especially if they ever renovated the personal jacuzzis on the balconies! They were inoperable during my last stay - boo
mark tufts 1

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