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Aviation group trying to save history at JFK

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Would be a shame to see this building, an icon of its time, demolished for extra parking. ( עוד...

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preacher1 4
Unfoutunately, it is called progress.
acmi 0
save it...great place to feed the birds (inside) and reminds us all about the glory days of Pan Am---when you could tell the difference in service between an airplane and a bus
preacher1 3
Yeah, all them glory days were good, but when I track an airline on a transcon flight and it tells me that the average passenger pay on that flight is about $225, that ain't great for ATL-LAX. Pricewise today ain't a whole lot above the Greyhound and you get what you pay for. I'll guarantee you that in them glory days, you didn't fly that cheap.
Preach on Preacherman!!!
ChrisMD123 -1
Except when you calculate in the extra complexity required in the system and the time lost because more connections are required, it's actually more expensive now.

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