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Fresno, California man hopes to fly around world in 36 days

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20 Year Old Jack Wiegand will attempt to become the youngest person to solo around the world. He will be flying a Mooney Ovation2 GX plane. ( עוד...

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Ovation is the right plane. Good luck.
Chip Hermes 1
I prefer the 777.
Lol. I loved my Ovation, but not enough to start around the world.
I'd do it if someone would throw some cash my way...
There was a time, but not anymore!
This is great. I wish there was a greater spirit of exploration, determination and adventure among young people today. Instead of sitting home playing a video game like most 20 year olds, he's organized this trip and undertaking the adventure of a life time. Haters = jealous. Lindy was barely 25 when he landed in France.
btweston 2
Buy me a Mooney. I'll fly it wherever you want.
Jayden Hakunti 1
if i had a rich father who could bankroll my flying dreams, or any of my dreams for that matter, then i too would be a 20 year old flying around the world.

My point is, that not everyone is afforded the luxuries of a leisurely life. that doesn't mean we're all lazy and hateful.
Donny Malinoff 0
Agreed MANBOI. Haters be jealous!Good luck Jack..
"For example, his biggest flight challenges will be deciding whether the plane has enough fuel to reach his destination and whether to take off in inclement weather, he said."
pilot0987 2
I think someone with 600hours is only asking for trouble doing this sort of thing. Just my two sense
Andriy Tsyupka 2
no one will insure him
edward sutter 1
777 is a good choice. Chip can you have your dad contact me Eddie
FedExCargoPilot 1
I hope he knows the risks going into this, some of the statements he says isn't convincing. If he closely checks the weather, brings survival gear, and stays close to land, he should be okay. June is the best time to cross the Atlantic.
raymond watson 1
What a fantastic idea jack, all the very best of luck for your flight jack,i will be trying to keep track of your flight from england and then from turkey where we fly to on may 2nd,shame this flight cant be tracked on flightaware system ,please let me know if this possible, again all the best from old england.
Pedri Boggiani 1
My sincere best wishes to "old" Jack" from Uruguay, South American too old retired pilot. Fantastic boy... go ahead
Pedri Boggiani 1
600 hours...??? Previus international experience...??? Of course I was crazy when 20 years old, less than 180 hs flyied, taked-off from Cessna Delivery Center in a 182 Skylane and soloed flyied 4.400 miles to South, crossing low altitude the chilean Andes included, and landed in my country after totalized 52 hours 38 mins. Last trip was 6 hours 17 min...sufficient fuel for a "zippo" lighter...
*Please... let the boy do it, good conseils must be better... Are you FAA officer...?
I trust you Jackie...
btweston 1
He must have some kind of crazy paper route.
Tom Pera 1
in 1969 worked on a gyro-copter for a guy with too much money and not enough brains that was going to fly it around the world... ever try to mount a radio and transponder on one? anyway.. had it all arranged so he would take off and land on boats in the ocean... looney tunes... eventually, his mother took away his cash - someone ought to do the same here
Chip Hermes 1
Has he ever conducted an international flight before?
Have you? Is that a prerequisite to conducting another and another after that?

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