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American 1491 loses cabin pressure over DC

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An American flight on a short hop over from KDCA to KDFW and lost cabin pressure it was diverted to KIAD just minutes away it has just landed and is taxing out now emergency crews have come to help it. This is amateur so dont take it word for word but there is a reported loss in cabin in american 1491 and are now on the ground safely. ( עוד...

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Toby Sharp 5
Please place the oxygen mask on yourself before helping others*
littleferrhis 2
i meant to say kdfw not dtw along with the thousand typoes i made
preacher1 4
Is that not a short hop to KIAD anyway. You said it was diverted to KIAD. I really don't consider KDFW a short
Size of the hop depends on the age of the hopper...
preacher1 1
I know you directing that at me but that still ain't no short
tim mitchell 1
I am with you sir....not a short hop at
A skip? What's going on Preacherman, did u go to the oil Mecca???
preacher1 1
That's more than a hop/skip, and yes I did go up to the oil mecca; probably will be going back on a regular basis, and one reason they have to pay folks so much up there is to put up with the cold weather. Dang, it was cold when we got there and cold when we left and I'm talking below 0 cold. lol. Normal warm up and OP temp is about 2-3 minutes; I don't know if it needed it but I took 5 before we ever kicked the brakes off.I just didn't want to take any
Whatever happened to old and bold aviators
preacher1 1
Old and Bold, they ain't none, remember?LOL
Jeff Lawson 2
Flight track with irregular holding patterns --
Toby Sharp 7
Irregular? That's how I fly em to. Isn't Spaghetti good?
tom duff 2
A short hop? If you were just on a 9 hour flight from London to JFK maybe that would feel like a short hop.
preacher1 1
yeh, I guess it
Michael Fuquay 1
Atleast it happened in the middle of Virginia and not further northeast, where the air traffic would've been a lot more hectic.
preacher1 1
It looks like with all the circuitous routing, it was hectic
andrewderr 1
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Short hop. AAL 1491 DCA-IAD, MD80, pressure indicator, no problems.

An Airline spokesman says a pressure indicator warning went on and the pilot decided to make the unscheduled landing. But the cabin never lost pressure.

There were 125 passengers and five on board the McDonnel Douglas Super 80.

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