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United Pilot Switches To Entertainer Mode To Soothe Stranded Passengers

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Passengers trying to make it out of St. Louis' Lambert International Airport Thursday were frustrated and tired as they sat in the terminal while a winter storm made the possibility of them getting to their destinations less and less likely. Snow and sleet were coating the runways and taxiways, and the number of flights showing "cancelled" on the board continued to grow. ( עוד...

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Joy Hamilton 3
This is one awesome story that puts abig smile on my face to read about.
Mark Lansdell 3
It's good the see that some folks can still smile. It only takes a catalyst. Weather has been interfering with flight operations since Wilbur and Orville invented the airplane a little over 100 years ago. Sure it's disappointing, but what can you do about foul weather other than wait it out?
Hil Sybesma 2
Two passions, flying and music; that he was able to share his music says a a lot about the person. Kudos to Capt Billy Hock!
suz 2
Good Story ...
Skyspy11 2
I think that was very cool !! I am certain both he and the pax experienced the good vibes. United made the 'good will' list. He should receive a commendation.
mark tufts 2
that was nice of the pilot to keep everybody happy during a delay what we need is more pilots like that
He'll probably get fired for being too nice and sued by somebody. Must be nice to see somebody play music that doesn't look like a street bum though. Lol
Mark Lansdell 1
I hope he was able to go off duty even though he had his uniform shirt on and he hadn't left the terminal. Does tinkling the ivorys entertaining pax count as on duty not flying or off duty ? :-)
Marcos Jimenez 1
I hope he had his tip jar handy.
Ben Deneweth 1
Glad to see that the article got it right that it was a United Express pilot and not a United one even though the headline on here didn't. There's only one mainline United flight to STL so I thought it would be pretty odd that one of those 2 pilots a day would be the one doing the serenading. STL is however a crew base for UAX operated by Trans States and Go Jet so there are a lot of UAX pilots there.
Gene spanos 1
Better get ready for more after Friday.
You may need to set up the perm bed/cot area
with all the cuts. Some Hubs may even shut down at 10 pm too ?
Wow.....reduced noise and jet fuel emissions to hear and breathe....

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