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Life as an airline pilot

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I thought this video made by an airline pilot in europe was one of the best I've ever seen. Lots of very cool hd footage. Enjoy I sure did. ( עוד...

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ltcjra 5
Really outstanding video.
Leonardo Lage 3
Great video, great choice of music as well. Inspiring production !!! Thanks
ToddBaldwin3 2
I always enjoy his videos.
Obwan46 2
Great video...thanks
Jerry Tuel 2
Great video. Thanks a bunch.
Mary Mitton 2
Retired now for nearly 14 years. Miss flying every day. Thanks for a lovely video. Nothing beats the view of life from FL390.
Mary Mitton 2
Retired now for nearly 14, miss flying every day. Great footage. Nothing beats the view of life at FL390.
peter vann 2
Terrific vidio
peter vann 2
Terrific Video..WOW!
william bennett 1
Somehow this blend of musical accompanyment is very fitting as well. I now want to find it on and listen to it as a way of rising over the horizon into the wild blue yonder of my imagination and in the seat of a Ultramarine Spitfire with a roaring Merlin.
deb Smitte 1
I loved the nights shots! Hope you as good a pilot as you are a vidiographer!
Thank you, and please keep them coming...
Oh, where in H were you, that your hotel had a jacuzzi in the room! As often as I travel, I don't think I have ever had a jacuzzi...just a plain ole' bathtub!!
maria mann 1
i know being an airline pilot has more cons than pros but there is a reason you do it and that reason supersedes those negative aspects....Flying and being a pilot takes a certain type of person. My mother was a pilot and a very good one. I grew up flying with her and experienced much sitting next to her. She ended up buying one of only 7 Beechcraft Bonanzas built in 1968. It was an aerobatic plane. N7732Romeo. Beautiful distinct colors. A plane I will never forget.

I watched your video with affection! :)

M. Mann
Stuart Fla
Gary Leak 1
why intrusive music? Video doesn't need noise except sounds of the aircraft.
notaperfectpilot 1
sparkie624 1
Very well done...
Rob Harrison 1
Really nice airplane!
oowmmr 1
I think I saw the Eiffel Tower
toolguy105 1
Bill Kline 1
very well done!!!
william bennett 1
Rogue or not this is one fine piece of work and combines wonderful choices of musical accompaniment with our modern avionic technology.Thank you for sharing with those of us that never see what happens beyond our passenger seats.
toolguy105 1
Thank you. I enjoyed watching
Ralph Takach 1
I loved watching this great video. Although, makes me a little envious that I am not a pilot.
I've followed his works for nearly a year. Man loves to fly. His work is outstanding. I wonder if the airport he flies out of is the one downtown in London. Not LHR.
Will Rand 1
Wow! That was absolutely fabulous!
Richard Myers 1
Sweet vid, very enjoyable and the time flies right by :)
Gene spanos 0
Let's all assume that these trained pilots being named here are not on the FAA's Enforcement list month after month. Yes - the rouge bandits that roam the skies while outside the assigned air routes.
Source: FOIA
FAA Pilots named/airlines
2012 report

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