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Watch Five Hours of Commercial Jet Flyovers Timelapsed Down Into Thirty Crowded Seconds

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What?! Is that a squadron of commercial airliners?! Not quite, but through the magic of editing, it sure looks like it. With the help of Adobe Premier, Cy Kuckenbaker took five hours of plane landings on Black Friday and condensed them down into just thirty seconds using composite and timelapse techniques like the ones seen in Empty America ( עוד...

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Jeremy Kudlick 16
I especially like the single-engine high-wing bringing up the rear, as if it were a toddler trying to keep up with its older siblings.
John Navratil 5
I put a cup of Jet-A into my C-210 every time I fill up. One day!!!
Kira Andreola 7
That was really cool.
Michael Curley 5
Fantastic! Very Clever
SootBox 4
I'd like to see KATL or KORD during an afternoon push.
Jeremy Kudlick 3
Or KLAX, or KJFK, or KIAD, or CYYZ, or...
Mr Aflac 2
what we would really like is EGLL
Jack Nelson 4
Recommended listening for this:
James Mering 3
Damn - that was fine. Thanks for posting that, Jack.
Palak Bhattacharyya 1
Not one of them bumped or overlapped into each other...great idea and a good way to count inbound and outbound traffic.
panam1971 1
Damn... that's sweet.
Richard Jellicoe 1
Pretty cool work
Kurt Anderson 1
Very cool,I wish I had that kind of talent.
Zach Kuntz 1
I live in San Diego. I thought that that was pretty cool
john mcdevitt 1
I can remember American Airlines having live TV of take off and landings, a big thrill. Does anyone recall the rear lounge of United's DC6?
Peter Rabyk 0
Maybe I'm just nitpicking, but that did not look like five hours of cloud movement in the background. Still a great video however!!

[This poster has been suspended.]

John Navratil 2

When I can shoot EVERY approach with the needles centered, I'll make the same criticism. I actually thought the composition was informative as it showed the variation that each landing is.
Dubslow -7
Toby Sharp 5
I enjoyed this video Andrew Taylor, thanks for posting

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