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NetJets to buy more Jets for their Fleet

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Is this necessary? They claim it is to increase supply of jets that can travel longer distances without having to stop for refuel...thoughts? ( עוד...

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bentwing60 4
Kinda reinforces the notion that the rich get richer. The order books for the light and mid-size aircraft aren't exactly bulging these days, while the universe cruisers can't be built fast enough. The net net is they don't spend all their lives over the deep blue sea. They fly into reliever AP's,and their elite crews use crew cars and pilot lounges and tanker fuel so they don't have to pay the local price. The result of that is higher ramp fees or min-fuel purchase charges for everybody else. Somebody's gotta pay for the cost of running an FBO. The point of the rant some might ask? Buy some courtesy fuel boys, or one day your high dollar scheduler will call back and say there is not an FBO there anymore.
Brian Bishop 2
Whether it makes sense is up to Hansell and uncle Warren ultimately. I have a good friend who is an attendant for NetJets on Falcon 2k's and she is BUSY!
Michael Dadlani 1
I've also heard through the grapevine that they could begin to lease out their jets to other Jet Charter companies in a first step to potentially buy some of their competitors. Not sure how accurate that information is but it does make sense at first glance.
Ian Smith 1
yes, this is necessary.
Zachary Colescott 0
Necessary? Who are we to say? It's not our business. If they are making money and think that they can continue to do so with more aircraft, then more power to them. Quit being an armchair fiscal expert.
Michael Dadlani 3
Armchair Fiscal Expert? I'm no genius but I'm pretty sure I posed a question to get feedback and opinions, No where in my post did I give my opinion...Next time you reply to my post please ad value to the discussion instead of pointing unnecessary fingers at people.

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