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Problems at Sonoma Valley Airport (0Q3)

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It's great if you can say, You own an airport, but bad if your business neighbor wants to do things that violate the FAA codes .. ( עוד...

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Colin Payette 3
What kind of jackass is this? The airport has been there for 73 years and he moves in 8 years ago to stir up a bunch of trouble? I can't stand these kinds of people.
linbb 1
Hey that happens all the time with large airports everywhere. Another thing is that the fly fishing outfit can operate even if the airport is gone. The airport is getting choked out by them due to the fence. If you built on a right of way even if it was on your property they would take you to court. This deal is rotten from the start due to the illegal building and remodels that have taken place there. He should be fined and made to remove all of the things not done under permit.
Don Thomson 1
Interesting clip. This points out the longstanding issue of local education and public relations that GA airports and aircraft owners face. The 2005 movie "One Six Right", spells this out nicely, and will appeal to anyone who has fallen in love with flight. From the interviews I didn't detect any malice on either 'neighbors'' part.

As with so many issues, I suspect that peaceful co-existence could be negotiated. The issue of strike concerns me as much if not more, given the lake placement...
Ric Wernicke 3
The fire supression pond has no fish, and will have no birds. Red herring. (Devil made me say that)

The guy with the fishing business built unpermitted buildings, built an unlawful fence near an airport, lied about his use for a pond, and put up a shooting range pointed at the airport. I detected malice. Did you also miss that he was a jerk too?
dctjf0290 2
I always feel like the media never really does their research on GA when they do a story involving it.
Don Thomson 0
I didn't miss the point that he was completely self-centered, and a weasel as far as achieving his own interests, but I don't think he is malicious.

Ahhh. Then again, I have been accused of giving people the benefit of the doubt too often.

But my point is, as GA aviators, we need to be proactive, rather than the 'effect' of those who just don't see any other side to the coin.
dctjf0290 0
that fence is not THAT close to the runway. i've landed on a runway with one MUCH closer
linbb 2
You miss the point, what you fly and how you fly is not the issue, rules are put into place so that accidents dont happen. They know much more than you about safety zones and why they are there thats why they put the rules into place for your safety.

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