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Coast Guard Rescues Two From Beechcraft Baron Ditched in Gulf

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Theodore Wright and Raymond Fosdick, of Baytown, Texas, survived the crash to tell what happened. They say the plane suddenly caught fire. "The cockpit was just filling with smoke and immediately reached down, and threw off the AV master and began a descent and about that time the fire, it was just all through the cockpit," said Fosdick. "We hit the water at about 100 knots,"... "It skipped once and we bounced about 30 feet in the area and then there were three our four… ( עוד...

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Jeremy Kudlick 3
Rescue swimmers and helo pilots don't get paid nearly enough for what they do. But if they didn't do it, who would? BZ to the CG team, especially the LT only a month out of USCGA and to the AST who went into the water.
Don Thomson 2
Toby Sharp 2
Way to go CG!

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