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Coast Guard Rescues Pilot & Son from Plane Ditching in Ocean

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A father in his 70s and his adult son are recovering from a nightmare Sunday afternoon when their single-engine Cessna stalled and they were forced to make an emergency crash-landing into the Ocean about 30 miles south of Big Sur. ( עוד...

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Bill Schmiett 2
I hate it when aircraft STALL.
eagle5719 1
Could be whoever wrote the article heard that the engine quit and they considered that a stall. Again - we have to wait for the NTSB report.
Rob Claybrook 1
Pretty sure that's what he was making fun of and I know it's what I was making fun of.
Rob Claybrook 1
They're lucky they survived said 'stall.' Although when I was an instructor years back I must have stalled planes thousands of times. Somehow they never once forced me into making an 'emergency crash-landing.' A few engine failures have caused me to make unscheduled landings, however.
Floats or not ... 2 people are alive .. because of the actions of the USCG ... and it is because of actions like this that my American flag flys 24/ 7 ....
Kawaiipoint2 1
I think it is ironic that the plane had to make a forced landing on the water when the plane had amphibious floats on it..
eagle5719 1
You were right. After checking the video - looks like the plane is on it's back with only one float remaining. Must've hit the water hard and broke off the other float. We'll have to wait for the NTSB report for better details.
eagle5719 1
The article said a single engine Cessna with no mention of floats - unless you have other info ??
Wrider James 1
Watch the video
FedExCargoPilot 1
Coast Guard refueled then had only 3 minutes to find the downed plane? Need to put some long range tanks on there. Good to hear everybody made it out ok, the pacific coast is known for big waves, great whites, and currents and cold water...I've been in that water before...
N64dude 1
these two were lucky to be saved by the Coast Guard
joel wiley 1
Does a 'good landing is one you can walk away from ' include swim/USCG hoist? My hat's off to the USCG daily. Kudos. to EPIRB.
eagle5719 1
Finally got the straight story. In my AOPA Email, the article said the 206 floatplane developed very low RPM over the ocean near Big Sur and was forced to land in rough seas which caused a tip-over eventually. It didn't mention the breaking off of one float though - which would've explained why it tipped over.

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