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SkyVector Conquers the World!

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SkyVector is pleased to unveil its world wide charts. Years in development, these charts will be refreshed every 28 days with updated aeronautical data. The charts come in three styles. Because they are far from perfect, we're calling them Beta. We need your help to find and fix all the little things. World VFR: This chart is a "Sectional-style" VFR chart for use at low levels. For the United States, official FAA charts have been thoughtfully stitched together. For the rest of the… ( עוד...

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sportpilot1 3
one of the best planning apps there ever was.. super good.
dodger4 2
Staggering! And up-to-the-minute weather to boot. Enough to take your breath away.
nonie3234 1
This is wonderful! Great job!
Nick Langmaid 1
I do care for the international stuff and it looks great in Australia!
Brad Littlejohn 0
Congratulations to them. Impressive for them, with the small exception that they still caved into FlightPrep's patent trolling, despite there being prior art and prior use. Since that happened, I haven't used them. no real need to, while there are others around that provide the same services, including FA.
David Allen 0
I don't care so much for the International stuff, even though it is impressive. I'm just glad all the sectionals are stitched together and it shows TFRs.
zennermd 0
I love it! Good job SkyVector.

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