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(Video) NASA’s “Green” Moon Lander Crashes on Test Flight

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One of NASA's Moon Landers crashed at the Kennedy Space Center Today. Luckily nobody was injured. ( עוד...

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Colin Payette 2
Probable Cause: Butchered countdown.
Todd Marks 1
Yeah. WTF was up with that?
Scott Campbell 3
Wow- theres more blown up there, then I'll pay for in taxes for lifetime!

It's beautiful man

Michael Enzmann 1
Kind of reminds me of the film shot of the Nazi V-2 program. They had a lot of tests that made the u-turn with spectacular results. Then again I remember the excitement of our first Vanguard launch. We would finally catch up with the Russkies. Come home and watch the launch on television - something like 4 feet up, then settle back down in a spectacular explosion. Space exploration remains spectacular, both positive results and failures.
Kira Andreola 1
That's hard to watch..
Richard Howell 1
As they say...."success is measured by failures".

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