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New Study Shows Autogas Can Power 80% of Piston Aircraft

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The bottom line: Somewhere between 80% to 83% of all active piston engine airplanes and helicopters registered in the U.S. could operate on autogas today ( עוד...

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Zachary Colescott 5
Bogus statistic. The statistic that I saw at a trade show conference a year ago is that 25% of piston aircraft (usually high performance) out there require & consume 75% of the avgas currently sold. Just because an aircraft can operate on it doesn't mean that it will, or is even operating at all. On my airfield alone I have approximately 36 aircraft based. Of this, 90% are piston, and of that 90%, probably less than 50% fly at all. What I DO have coming through my airport are lots of C182s, SR-22s, C210s, A36s, C310s, C421s, B55s, etc...high performance aircraft. What are the effects to these types of aircraft? There is one guy on my airfield who burns autogas in his C182, but out of every aircraft here, he has the most maintenance performed on his engine every year. Coincidence? I know if you ask 10 people you'll get 10 different responses, all equally as cryptic. Just seems like we should be able to get a clear answer of yes or no on this...
Austin Byrd 2
The price of 100LL can vary by more than $2 per gal. at the same airport. The pump price reflects a lot more than the FBO's wholesale costs. I'm not convinced that if mogas was more usable by virtue of more STC's, it would cost any less in the real world.
sparkie624 1
LOL, New Study... Give me a break. This is VERY old news. People have been doing this for years... Some Legal, Some Not!
ToddBaldwin3 1
How about a study by an independent party? It seems to me that there may be a conflict of interest, or at least the appearance of one in this study.
eagle5719 1
The big issue now, I thought, was how to get light piston engine aircraft to safely use non-leaded fuel. It seems the problem is possible engine damage unless they use leaded fuel and that they are trying to find a cheap way to convert engines to avoid that.
Jay Hawkins 1
Isn't lead more of an environmental issue?

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