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Wired Test-Drives Boeing’s New 787 Dreamliner

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It’s not often that you find yourself on the flight deck of the world’s most advanced passenger aircraft. But that’s where I am, flying west over Missouri, sitting in the right seat next to Boeing test pilot Randy Neville aboard the all-new 787 Dreamliner. ( עוד...

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Oliver Lynch 1
Thanks for the article, James. Makes me want to learn more about the fly-by-wire system! A bit of criticism over the article/author in the comments, yet as a newbie to FA, I enjoyed it. Cheers.
Martial Widemann 1
Great posting! Thanks!
Jerry Ryan 1
Even though they may both be great systems, seems to me Boeing has the safer of the 2 should something like AF 447 happen again. At least the both the left & right seat know exactly what's going on with the controls... just my 2 cents.
Tim Bray 1
I thought this was actually a well written piece of an article. Would really like to have been given that chance!

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