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Student comes to class in helicopter. School officials 'FREAK OUT.'

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Fourteen-year-old Joseph Sutherin got the memorable first day of school he hoped for, when his father dropped him off in the schoolyard in a Hughes 300 helicopter early Monday morning. But his father Bart got more than he bargained for, when school officials "freaked out," according to the Orlando Sentinel, and called the sheriff and the FAA. ( עוד...

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Brian Wilford 0
What a great thing to do for your kid. Hope all works out with dad.
blindsay84 0
And FAR21 says what about these adventures?
Michel Merlin 0
Did this any trouble or cost or danger to anyone?
If no, then why would school officials, sheriff or FAA do anything?
If yes, then what compensation or punishment was done?

Versailles, Mon 31 Aug 2009 18:30:35 +0200
w2bsa 0
This is standard school administration freak out behavior. The idiots that run our schools will freak out over anything that doesn't fit in their little box. If we got rid of the majority of the admin types and let the teachers do their jobs we would all be better off.
smokechaser11 0
What does FAR 21 say? I thought Part 21 dealt with Certification procedures of products and parts.
kfwbnews98 0
Dad should have given school officials a heads up regarding his plans. It's not every day a chopper lands in ye old school yard.
rob277 0
Dad should keep his chopper out of city limits!
budrow 0
the ability to land anywhere dosnt mean to do long as no kids was in area,?????

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