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GoGo to Buy Airfone to Boost In-Flight WI-FI

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GoGo- the In-flight wi-fi provider used by Air Canada, AirTran, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Frontier Airlines, United Airlines, U.S. Airways & Virgin America- Is going to buy Airfone- The Air-ground telephone service offered by Verizon, currently on 1000 United Airlines aircraft- To boost its In-flight Wi-fi service. ( עוד...

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Daniel Baker 2
I thought Verizon dropped this years ago and sold it to LiveTV, a JetBlue subsidiary. I didn't realize they still operated the telephony part of the network. Continental removed all the Airfones from their fleet years ago, although I did see them on a pm-United 757-200 last week.
Ethan Pressl -1
Yeah you might have been thinking about AT&T's service Air One, which they dropped back in 2002.
Daniel Baker 1
Verizon to End Service on Commercial Airplanes

Published: June 23, 2006
Verizon Airfone, whose handsets have graced the backs of airline seats for more than two decades, will shut down its phone service on commercial airliners before the end of the year.
Ethan Pressl 1
Yeah, after reading the edited article in the first paragraph it says: "JetBlue Airways Corp.'s LiveTV LLC subsidiary." So now its obviously a part of JetBlue.

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