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Investigation Finds A Jetstar Flight Nearly Crashed Because The Pilot Was Text Messaging On His Phone

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Jetstar Flight JQ57 nearly crashed on landing at Singapore's Changi Airport because the pilot was text messaging and forgot to set the landing gear on the Airbus A320 during the... ( עוד...

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Jeff Chiszar 4
Oddly enough, this squawk is right next to an ad for FlightAware apps...(insert big smiley face here).
Kim Hackett 2
The irony is that the Jetstar flight had departed from Darwin. The Captain almost got the Darwin Award for his actions.
Skye777 1
Ha ha! That's hilarious! :)
Sam Rawlings 1
Thats why you never fly Jetstar, Crap Seats, Crap Service, Ozzie Flight attendats that don't know what a saftey drill is and Make sure if your sitting in the isle that you know what the conditions are and then you have the untrained, Underpaid, Distracted Piolits.
oowmmr 1
Gadzooks, at least the PF listened to the warnings and was able to make command decisions.
Joseph Howes 1
whats the PF?
Jeremy Kudlick 1
PF == Pilot Flying
PNF == Pilot Not Flying
With this particular leg, the FO was the PF and Capt. was PNF.
JD345 1
They both were PNF by the sound of it.
btweston 1
Perhaps you didn't read. The First Officer, who was flying the plane, attempted to notify the Captain of a problem. The Captain did not respond, then the First Officer executed a go-around.

Sweet joke, though. Do you write your own material?
Alexander Chiker 1
PF = Pilot flying, aka the pilot who is actually at the controls at that point in time as apposed to managing radios/checklists/etc
Julius Thompson 1
This list is missing one section i.e. radios/checklists/mobiles!
Joseph Howes 1
they say texting while driving is dangerous but this is worse.

pilot get the sack or pay dock.
Carl Smeraldi 1
Nothing New. Ive Eyewitnessed Jetstar landing in severe Level 5 Thunderstorms at Changi Airport Singapore numerous times risking passengers lives with total,disregard for safety going by the rules. Signed Carl Smeraldi B747/777/757/L1011 Pilot JFK,NY
Nader Anis -1
indy2001 1
Kim Hackett 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

A320 does go around because gear not down due to Captain texting on cell

This happened with a Jetstar A321 on approach to Singapore in May 2010. First time I had heard of this.
Marc Brooks -2
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Cellphone can cause airliners to crash...

... if you're the pilot.
Nick Blazanovic 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Flight Aborted 392 Feet Before Landing Because Pilot Was Texting

It's pretty widely accepted that you shouldn't text and operate a vehicle. Especially when that vehicle is a commercial aircraft. Apparently one pilot, though, hasn't taken that advice to heart. And he almost killed a few hundred people because of it.

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