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Video -- S__t Fighter Pilots Don't Say

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BulldogFilms Presents: S__t Fighter Pilots Don't Say ( עוד...

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Jim Quinn 2
Oh, yeah! This is good! It's great to know that there's still some sense of humor in the now-a-days PC world of fighter pilots! And I'm sure that there are some trash-hauler types out there that can make a superb video of their own--I look forward to hearing from THEM!
Roland Dent 2
For years I have wondered just what the MBA seeks to I see.
Shannon Pence 3
Loved the A-10 pilot saying "I Hate my job" after a strafing run LOL.
William Armstrong 1
Pretty funny...The Naval Aviators verion may be just a bit different. You have to love the A-10, their Pilots and Crew.
slpceo 1
Well done - fast-paced so you have to pay close attention, but very creative!
707pylot 1
Funny. Thanks.
N2517R 1
I got one more.......30mins into your two ship VR low level......Wingman to lead.."Where are we."
Elizabeth Robillard 1
Cute! Thanks.

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