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LIT airport commission changes name to "Bill & Hillary Clinton National"

For 75 years the airport has carried the name "Adams Field" in honor of Captain George Geyer Adams of the 154th Observation Squadron, Arkansas National Guard, who was killed in the line of duty on Sept. 4, 1937. He served on the Little Rock city council for many years and pushed for improvements at the airport that helped it grow into what it is today. Some say this is to help improve the commission's image after a major money mismanagement scandal recently. ( More...

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Chris Bryant 2
It's still a podunk airport in a podunk town in a podunk state. Sorry to all you folks from the area, but I've been there a couple of dozen times.
So can we just call it "Billary Airport" and change the identifier from KLIT to KSEX? :D
linbb 1
Too bad a person with honor has to have an airport renamed after a person who was such a discrace along with his far left wife. Terrable thing to do.
Roger McHugh 1
I keep reading your post in hopes that I'll understand what you're saying, but I just get more and more confused.
He's saying, Too bad a person with honor has to have an airport renamed after a person who was such a discrace along with his far left wife. Terrable thing to do.
Pileits 0
And Bill probably said "I did NOT have sex in the airport with that woman"
fixedorfloats 0
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Little Rock airport renamed in honor of Bill and Hillary Clinton

The Arkansas capital's Municipal Airport Commission voted unanimously Tuesday to rename the airport in honor of the former president and the current secretary of State, a rare twin billing for the state's former first couple.,0,5711638.story?track=rss
Shadowstarz 0
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Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton Lend Their Names To Arkansas Airport (PHOTOS)

Following the likes of Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy, Bill and Hillary Clinton will have an airport named after them.

The Little Rock Municipal Airport Commission voted unanimously to rename Little Rock National Airport "Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport," pending approval from the FAA, reports Arkansas News.

"Hillary and I are humbled by the Little Rock Airport Commission’s decision this morning,” former President Bill Clinton said in a statement. “We are grateful for this honor and for all that the people of Arkansas have done for us. And we look forward to many happy landings at the airport in the years ahead.”

According to the Los Angeles Times, Clinton's presidential library and the economic development it inspired in downtown Little Rock was noted in the decision. The Clinton Library is Arkansas' top attraction for out-of-state visitors.

The airport's long standing Adams Field moniker will not change when referring to the airport's runways and air traffic, according to Today's THV, a local CBS affiliate.

Check out other U.S. airports named for former presidents.
blake1023 0
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Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport

LITTLE ROCK – Travelers flying into Little Rock will now be reminded of Arkansas' most famous political couple after officials voted Tuesday to rename the city's airport after Bill and Hillary Clinton.


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