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Beechcraft staying in Wichita

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Good news for workers. ( עוד...

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David Brooks 3
Good to see that management and workers can agree. I am sick and tired of companies moving because they claim labor is too high. Especially when they go overseas. Good for Wichita and the country.
treborselpats 1
Change product liability laws and give tax incentives to corporations and watch a flurry of investment within the U.S. and its' workers.
sparkie624 1
Great news.... glad to see it.
8428N 1
I have owned several BeEch Aircraft. Great airplanes! They aren't selling Bonanzas because Cirus is kicking there butt. What to do....raise the price of parts to make up for it. (7) $110.00 toggle switches to satisfy an AD? Same Potter Brumfield switch from Radio Shack (sans Beech part number) $11.00!
Ben Lillie 0
I don't care where they are as long as they stay in business.

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