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Video - The Shuttle Launch Like You Have Never Heard It Before

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I've seen many launches of the space shuttle from the point of view of the rocket booster, but none, none I tell you, match this one. It's simply amazing for one reason: the sound. Put your headphones on and listen. ( עוד...

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ATCguy1 7
One of the coolest shuttle videos I've seen. Sound was amazing...great post.
Scott Keller 5
Flightaware needs a viewer's choice badge award that we can vote to spontaneously bestow upon squawks like this.... This post and others like it are the reason I check back regularly. GREAT one. Thanks a lot for sharing. Just fantastic.
n111ma 4
Very cool! Boy am I gonna miss the Shuttle program :-(
sparkie624 3
Unbelievable. Very nice. this one has to be number one. Since May I cannot believe it has had only 105,000 views. Going to have to watch this on my big screen.

Alex Kr 1
What do you mean May? It seems like it was uploaded on Mar 15, 2012.
sparkie624 1
Oops.. It was an early morning when I wrote that. I misread the date. Thanks for the correction... Count makes more sense now.
Kira Andreola 2
Wow. Just wow.
Merlin83 1

Duh *it*

Charles Champion 1
Thanx for the video. Great post!
Alex Kr 1
Amazing. Watched it over and over again and heard something new each time.
Brian Beard 1
Dang it I WANT THAT BLU-RAY!!!!!
andy streit 1
Piece of artwork. Thanks so much for sharing! I thoroughly enjoyed it.
GREAT piece ! Another wonderful tribute, to those lost in the program on board, CHALLENGER and COLUMBIA and salute to those who worked the 1000's of hours for the entire program to happen.
HBFlyer 1
Excellent! I played it at full volume with my Bose headphones!
Merlin83 1
Oops I meant *where*
Merlin83 0
Where I approached the sound barrier - that was very cool

And then just punched on through to 2000 mph+


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