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Underwear Bomber Sentenced To Life In Prison For Failed Bomb Attack On Jetliner In Detroit; Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab

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Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab appeared Federal Court today in Detroit to be sentenced for having a bomb in his underwear as he flew into the U.S. on Christmas Day 2009 from Amsterdam on an Airbus A330, Northwest Airlines flight, and received a life sentence in federal Prison. ( עוד...

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Jayden Hakunti 4
why not just sentence him to death by firing squad. send a message.
Rich Greenwood 6
You want to send a message, draw some blood from a pig, inject it into him, and then the firing squad. Send the video to you-tube. You have to hit them in their religion to get their attention.
Boatinman 2
Hahahaha that's awesome. I especially like the pig blood.
Watch Dog 0
Yes, because nothing sends a stronger message to a fanatic then giving them more ammunition to hate us even more.
What should Timothy McVeigh and the likes of him, be injected with???
Also, how about the Waco group, the KKK, etc.???
jbermo 2
A mundane life of lonely years locked in a concrete cell seems worse than death. Only one hour per 24 allowed out. Such is life at Colorado's Super Max Fed Pen.
John Casebeer 2
He is a terrible man and he and his ilk want to kill all of us. Death sentence would be fine and the American public needs to wake about this kind of threat!
Rich Greenwood 2
It's about deterring them, not about making them love us. I really don't think they can hate us much more, do you?
Watch Dog 0
If determent means putting people to death, as John Casebeer suggests above, then yes I think that only helps to solidify their thinking to themselves.

I'm not going to argue the merits of life in prison versus the death penalty in a case such as this, but what would make anyone actually think either is a deterrent to radicals and extremist? After all, we are dealing with people who are willing to commit suicide in order to inflict harm against us.

Does anyone really believe the death penalty or prison is going to deter someone like that? I don't. I think if terrorist want to cause harm against us they're going to do it come hell or high water.

The thinking "they want to kill us, so we should take them out before they get us" make sense in certain terms, but in the grand scheme of things I only believe it perpetuates an already negative thought process they have of westerners.

That does not mean we should embrace them as brothers and try to win their hearts. I'm certainly not saying that.

All I'm saying is that when we lower ourselves to their level (terrorists), we should only expect that their hate and feelings towards us will become secure in their own minds. We continue to give them reasons to hate us.

I will admit that the whole situation is bad, and probably irrevocable, but should we as a people continue to make comments that others can use as ammunition and reason to hate us. Seems counter-intuitive and counter-productive.
Rich Greenwood 1
I understand your comments and in a perfect (fair fight) world, your thoughts and concerns make perfect sense. The key words here are perfect world. They are bringing their war to U.S soil. I guess as a civilized nation, we have to play by the rules so as not to offend the enemy and make them more annoyed at us. They have no rules other than to kill as many as possible with as few as possible. We, as a country, need to be more proactive than reactive.

I appreciate your input and I obviously don't have the answer. Frankly, there is no answer. The radical Islamist's are out to take over the world and meek nations will be defenseless to stop them.

In closing I would like to address your statement, "Does anyone really believe the death penalty or prison is going to deter someone like that?". It will definetly deter that someone.
canuck44 3
It is going to be a long "life" as he fried his qualifications to be a pitcher so he will have to be the goat.
Watch Dog -3
Childish statement. Grow up.
Boatinman 6
I'd say John is grown up. It's called a joke. About a guy who tried to blow up an airplane. He deserves everything he gets in prison.
Watch Dog 1
I get the joke. I don't think it's funny. I'd argue that someone making a joke of this caliber isn't using all of their adult brain faculties. But anyway,...

He deserves what the law allows and that is prison. The rest to follow is not for us to relish or wish upon him, or anyone else for that matter.

I just don't think it's a laughing matter nor something to make a joke out of, nor for people to express their judging ways and borderline hate (as we see in Rich's post) on a public website.
Chris Taylor 1
Death by firing squad would be too good for this peice of scum.

Make his diet pork products from now.
David Brooks 1
Seems like a just sentence. It sends a message too. We in the USA have laws that we live to and will defined ourselves. I completely disagree with the idea that some of the radical terrorist work with under the name of religion. They need to be stamped out - either with force of education. I could care less - death or life in prison - lets him think about things for a long long time.

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