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BOE236 787 drawing a Boeing logo on FlightAware

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Check out a Boeing 787 scripting 787 with a logo across the country for the next several hours on a test flight ( עוד...

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Karsten Liljegren 36
I was one of the Boeing pilots on this record setting flight. 19 hours and 22 minutes block to block (and 10408 Nautical Miles)... The longest ETOPS endurance test flight ever!

Air Traffic Control was fantastic and very accommodating. - Thank you!

The airplane performed flawlessly. As a matter of fact - we didn't even top off the fuel tanks.

Boeing Test and Evaluation
Dean Liu 4
Shouldn't you be getting some much needed sleep now Karsten? :)

After you're well rested up, got some questions...

- What was the fuel weight fraction at takeoff?

- KBFI to KBFI: will y'all log that as a local or XC flight in the logbook? :P

Elizabeth Robillard 2
You know you are living our dream, right?
Cal Keegan 2
That's awesome, Karsten! Thank you for sharing with us.
Tim Eichman 1
Awesome... I was afraid you guys were had to make a change last night, but we figured that it was FA not drawing the plan right (should have guessed that when I saw the bend in that southeast track
c4400 1
Very nice. FTW.
Troy Raiteri 2
It's very easy to go on any page and say Hey I just flown the 787! on FB even lol
KC Hoover 1
Wow how long can this new Boeing fly? 19 hours is in amazing long time without having to refuel.
Yazoo 1
Outstanding! Thanks for sharing.
peter ring 1
Hats off to a wonderful demonstration of you , your crew and to Boeing for a job well done, I tracked you for about 5 hours last night and shared it with a min of 200 of my friends-thanks
Yes. I noticed you gave them a workout at several ATC locations :) Great job.
Daniel Baker 19

Gulfstream V:

Cessna Logo:

Boeing 747:
Tim Smith 3
where's the track log for the FlightAware logo???
Elizabeth Robillard 2
Cessna Logo - cool! Thanks.
peter ring 0
Learned something new today-thanks
j brown 1
they are doing the 787 logo right now.
peter ring 1
looks like they just changed it up…no logo?
Brian Bishop 1
It says '787' right accross the northwest.
Tim Eichman 2
Original flight plan included the Boeing "Saturn" logo... wish I would have taken a screen shot of it (I checked in just after the wrapped up the "787"...).

Now it looks like they are just doing the "swoosh" part of the logo.
Dubslow 1
Seems like the whole logo is back on. Must have been a glitch or something.
agg1930 1
actually, the so called "saturn logo" was inherited from mcdonnell douglas.
Matthew Eckert 10
I hope they asked for the whole clearance readout!
Dean Liu 6
Urg... Clearance Delivery, Boeing 236: Could you say again?
pfp217 6
It's pretty neat to think that sites like FlightAware are what encourages these type of flights. Now there's someplace people can see the flight paths and the designs they make, it's almost as if FA inspired a new form of art!
peter ring 2
So true and a good observation
tuba 4
Had to check the calendar, and make sure it wasn't April Fool's Day...
Clam Shell 4
The track log is a small novelette already, LOL.
jim garrity 3
WOW, I got dizzy just reading the flt. plan!
Daniel Baker 2
Bob,I don't know about now but Guard used to be a some type of distress frequency and I would hear aircraft on it ever now and then that were experiencing some type of problem and glad to say most were minor.Never found out what Guard was but I figured that it was a frequency monitored by a lot of people and not dedicated to ops or atc only.If anyone knows let me know.
Max Jones 2
"Guard" is (was?)an emergency frequency (actually two, one UHF and one VHF) that air traffic facilities monitor. Some aircraft would also monitor it. It is usually used by aircraft in some form of distress not already in communications with ATC to establish communication and get help. As an example: A VFR pilot encountering IMC. Once it is safe to do so the aircraft is switched to a normal frequency. It is also used to monitor ELTs, however I think the new generation of ELTs now use a different system.
Bob Hanson 1
Just happened again. Pilot 1: xxxxx to Minneapolis Center. Pilot 2: On guard. Pilot 1: Oops. Caught the channel this time, 121.5 which is the emergency channel. Guess he forgot to change. Thanks very much.
Brian Alexander 2
I grew up right under the first "7" in Eastern Oregon. Usually only see east-west contrails out there!
Tim Locke 1
Must be Baker City, La Grande, or Pendleton. They missed Joseph!
William Daniel 2
It's on reddit!
rsmath 2
is there really a 19 hour flight-time capability for the 787 or will they have to stop for fuel at some point in this test flight day?
Ricky Scott 1
Nell Lukosavich 2
Now it makes sense why the kept changing their flight plan last night.... Kudos to the pilots on keep me watching and waiting. It was worth it!
Kevin Romero 2
anyone else notice they are scheduled out of O'Neill Nebraska? I live like 30 miles from that! I would kill to see it that close again. :-)
Rick Tymoc 2
Just made national news with Brian Williams
Brian Alexander 1
Excellent. Our fiendish plan for world domination is coming ot fruition...
Dan Murphy 2
I can't believe I was watching this yesterday, went to bed, and finally woke up late and they still haven't landed yet. This is cool! Amazing machine.
Just looked at the track log of the Citation 750X - 664 mph at one point in level flight, is that for real.I would imagine so from what I have heard and read.That's amazing.Thanks to Daniel Baker for the link.
Elizabeth Robillard 1
Way too much fun. TGIF all!
Daniel Campbell 1
That is wild!!! Talk about Flight Hours. How do I get a job like that!!!
Toby Sharp 1
Be the top test pilot and have logged thousands of hours.....test pilot school....masters degree....and give your left leg
Troy Jennings 2
Actually giving your left leg would probably disqualify you, at some point.
Toby Sharp 1
ya you got me there. cheers
William Daniel 0
and don't forget your left eye ball. ;)
Robert Fleming 1
I've been watching this off and on for several hours...that is pretty cool!
euronorb 1
This was VT-ANH doing the flight :)
Aaron Cannata 1
Is that a three crews flight, or could they do almost 19 hours with only two crews?
david mccutchen 1
Thank goodness for autopilots, otherwise there would be a few pilots with serious arm cramps about this time! Impressive to say the least !
Boatinman 1
Very cool! I was gonna say the Cessna one was the neatest, but I think this one may be better!
Elizabeth Robillard 1
Most excellent!
Shadowstarz 1
Looks like they are finally wrapping it up. Just looked and they're passing 10,000 returning home. Awesome jobs folks!
Ben Lillie 1
That is so cool!
ctbonesfan 1
They were just cleared to land... Impressive flight.
Bob Hanson 1
Listening to pilots on my scanner, quite often they'll say, "on guard". What does that mean? Thanks
Max Jones 1
"Guard" is (was?) an emergency frequency (actually two, one UHF and one VHF) that air traffic facilities monitor. Some aircraft would also monitor it. It is usually used by aircraft in some form of distress not already in communications with ATC to establish communication and get help. As an example: A VFR pilot encountering IMC. Once it is safe to do so the aircraft is switched to a normal frequency. It is also used to monitor ELTs, however I think the new generation of ELTs now use a different system.
Troy Jennings 1
I often see contrails at weird angles overhead and wonder where they might be heading. I live in the middle of the little triangle shape to the right of the planet and orbit part. Now I know it is just some airplane company having one of their pilots put their logo on FlightAware.
Bobby Rhett 1
Whew! Finally landed :) But this looks odd in the flight profile: 217amEST, completing a left turn, at 41,000 feet, down to 213 knots?
Mark Duell 3
It's a common phenomena in the FAA radar data, the ground speed appears to fall during turns due to the way they measure it.
Dean Liu 1
Those radar tracks are ground speeds not air speeds. And as the aircraft gets lighter (from burning off the fuel), the air speeds for efficient flight profile reduce as well.
Tim McCollum 1
On Guard means they are monitoring 121.5Mhz
Thanks aerostar509
Brian Bishop 1
Very cool artwork!

Way better than the Cessna "plane" drawing.
Stacey Weaver 1
Sweet! Very cool!
loveaviation 1
Garry Williams 1
David Brooks 1
Really neat Karsten. Must have taken a bit of planning to execute the maneuvers.
Graham Burgoyne 1
Cool! Nice swoosh. Would be cool for N1KE to make a swoosh over the CONUS. Oh...right, it's blocked so we wouldn't see it. :(
jim garrity 1
N1EK has a great paint job! It says HUM-AIR, does it belong to NIKE,the shoe people?
ilikerio 1
Gerry Cormier 1
You gotta like that, its Boeing for you.
Kenneth Schmidt 1
I could not for the life of me figure out what you all were doing up there. First squawking near SUX, then over FOD (where a few hours earlier, a KC-135R was feeding F16's) then the odd route back to O'Neil (when I finally satisfied my curiosity on FA). A few weeks ago I had heard some low alt photography over S. Dakota, but thought yesterday was a tad bit late for a few more shots in the same area.
James Mason 1
I'm a Boeing employee, and it is great to see you guys doing a great job, and a little recognition helps to prove we have terrific aircraft.
Talk about bringing a lunch box to work!!!
Jeffrey Babey 1
Congratulations Karsten! You must be very proud!
Elizabeth Robillard 1
Anyone seen posted photos?
john callsvik 1
That called for a long ride to say the least!Hope you enjoyed the flight,and had a great time Buzzing back and forth acroos the country side?
Elizabeth Robillard 1
"This wasn't a joy ride," explains Randy Tinseth, vice president of marketing for Boeing. "It was an 18-hour Maximum ETOPS (Extended Operations) Duration flight test for a 787-8 with GE engines."
peter ring 1
Boeing Completes Flight Testing for Certification of 787s with GE Engines
herb greenwood 0
This is the "Boeing" logo by law, but I will always see McDonnell Douglas when I see it. Boeing was just lucky enough it grandfather in when MD was absorbed by them.
As for the 787....go man go~
Harold Schultz 0
While this is a great technological feat of Boeing, it is wasteful! I can not imagine how many pounds of jet fuel this took, to accomplish. Is that what Boeing wants to communicate to its public? This is not the 1930's, and Boeing is not Howard Hughes, making unnecessary long flights to prove a point.
Dean Liu 1
It was an ETOPS endurance test flight (part of the aircraft's certification process).
Very clearly stated in the post IMMEDIATELY below by one of Boeing T&E member.
FlyArmy -7
Unless they are using all that flight time for testing, this seems pretty wasteful. It's kind of cool, but not much marketing bang for the buck.
Pat Bell 10
This flight is part of the cert testing for the GEnx powered version. They need to get the flight hours in anyway, so they may as well make it interesting.
Kevin Bush 1
Give the pilots something to do for 19 hours.
Dean Liu 2
Pilots: (engages [ATS | LNAV | VNAV] ) To Flt test engrs: "Wake us up when it's chow time!" Zzzzz...
Jeremy Kudlick 2
And something for me to look at during my 12-hour shift. Even with my 1.5-hour drive home, I'll be asleep hours before they touch down. My boss is an ex-747 pilot, and he found this quite interesting.
Ricky Scott 10
All of our Flight time is for a purpose. We dont do Frivolous flights. But there is nothing to say you cant have a little fun on a long flight.
Elizabeth Robillard 1
Having stood under a 747-800F powered by those a calm night with little ambient noise (traffic)...impressively quiet. 3,000 and "Cathay Pacific Cargo" turned on final.

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