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Most Expensive Plane: B-2 Bomber costs more than the Space Shuttle

Anything that flies, specially if it is a weapon system like a B-2, or the Shuttle, or a business jet, costs and arm, and a leg and sometimes bankrupt the unaware. ( More...

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Tom Bruce 3
1- if they'd have built 132 as planned, the cost would be closer to 400 mil per copy - not much different than some of the "jumbos" nowadays
2- the technology leap with this program paid off in other stealth projects
3- the plane gives us a means of attacking targets that B52s and B1s could never approach
Joe Champagne 1
FlightAware.... this is not newsworthy. Freedom is not free. Period.
Marcus Pradel 1
One could argue that each B2 costs incremental 1Billion to build. but you have to amortize the development cost somewhere.. and with 44B total program cost & 21 Built/Delivered. 2B per unit is the new Price.

That is a little more than a brand new Space shuttle.

Let's also keep in mind a B2 doesn't do anything by itself. it requires in-flight refueling infrastructure, AWACS support & other costs to run a straight-forward bombing mission.
raptor22ms 1
If you go as far as saying that the B2 does nothing by itself keep in mind that is every asset in the U.S. Airforce. Planes do fly without fuel, targets are seen further away with radar. The cost of a offensive military air power i.e the US Airforce will take a large chunk of change to maintain a certian level of operational readiness.
ToddBaldwin3 1
You can add into that it's incredibly high operating and maintenance costs.
jmilleratp 1
I'm guessing Yahoo wanted some filler for their news page! Yeah, when you're talking about a new-technology, low-production, highly-specialized aircraft like the B2, the higher price tag shouldn't be that surprising. I am very glad we have them in our fleet!
pfp217 1
=haha no kidding! I remember this being a top story back in what, 1990? when they first came out!
pfp217 1
haha no kidding! I remember this being a top story back in what, 1990? when they first came out!
Gene Nowak 0
Not newsworthy. Should be deleted.
trevor caruso 0
that was about the dumbest, most innacurate thing i've seen in some time.
Gene Nowak 1
The Nimitz-class carriers cost was initially around $675 million; that figure has grown to between $4.5 and $6.2 billion to produce.

Read more:
Gene Nowak 1
Let's not forget the ammunition. Are the missiles and
Gene Nowak 0
Then what expense would you consider is appropriate for you and the other citizens peace of mind as a deterrent to war? How about the manning level of the military forces. How many men should be under arms and what is their resulting costs? Is that too expensive or do you want more?


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