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Delta Explores Possible Bid for US Airways

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"Delta Air Lines is signaling that the consolidation of the United States airline industry is not over...Delta’s interest in US Airways comes a few days after both airlines separately began exploring a possible tie-up with American Airlines, which filed for bankruptcy protection in November." ( עוד...

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Pileits 0
AmeraDeltaUS ?


preacher1 0
Either way, I would think that over the next couple of years US will disappear into one of the majors, if they make it that long. With DAL and AA both having a strong NE presence, I kinda think Philly will be left out in the cold. That said, I think KATL is about out of growing room, at least to the point of handling more traffic and DAL is going to have to look at something secondary just to relieve pressure and KMEM or KCLT would fit if they did it right. If it were to be AA, I think KCLT would make a good reliever hub for KDFW. I know they had KBNA for awhile but this being further East might work.
David Brooks 0
Are going to only one airline (consisting of all of the old majors) in the USA? When all these mergers have to stop in order to maintain something resembling competition? The only airline I don't think will still exist is Southwest. So, you have Southwest and the winner of merging the majors (winner to be determined).
tofutwitch11 0
Please government, DO NOT allow any more Airline mergers. Prices will be through the roof.

preacher1 0
I really don't think you'll see another merger. I personally think US will fold up and the rest will just pick the
Brian Bishop 0
AWE is pretty tied to Charlotte due to the construction of the 3rd runway. I don't see them pulling out or even way back from CLT.
preacher1 0
Well, they probably won't own their own, BUT, whether they will survive or not in the future is a whole 'nuther story. I really doubt they'll find a dance partner and the problem will be if they are financially strong enogh to withstand competitive pressures. AA, even in bankruptcy, is stronger than they are and if them or any other Airline wants something they have, it would be cheaper to just cut the rates, take a loss for a few months, and take the traffic. US is survinving right now but any major financial hit would kick them to the brink.IMHO
canuck44 0
Bad fit...if Delta buys anything it would need to go after American which would be better. Either way management would need to create one or two more Cincinnati type hub downsizing either in the Midwest or in Charlotte/Phillie/Atlanta triangle.

Best fit would actually appear to be US Air and American looking at coverage and US Express feeders.

Does anyone think the PHL folks who plan to pass on the huge cost of another runway to its clients will take notice that they may find themselves with a lot of empty terminal space whether US Air goes to American or Delta?
s2v8377 0
American and Delta are a much better fit than either AAL and AWE or DAL and AWE. I personally don't see how either American or Delta would benefit from a merger with AWE. I wonder how accurate all of these merger reports over the last few weeks are???

Two other things to remember, first no matter who merges with who the employees of the airlines will suffer. Secondly DAL just merged with NWA, are they really in a position to merge again?

Also if it comes down to two majors AAL/DAL and UAL/COA there will still always be completion on most routes and the airlines will still need to price themselves to fill planes.
Chris Bryant 0
To be honest, I'd hate to see US fold. I think a merge with AA might be OK. I would not want to see a merge with DL.
US is (IMHO) the best airline serving KCMH. And I think in a merge with AA, they could utilize KSTL a lot more than they do now.
joe milazzo 0
Government has no business interfering with the private sector...period. The airline industry have suffered and been inflation proof for too many years due to market saturation. If the government feels that that cheap ticket prices are too important to the economy to allow mergers, they can subsidies the industry instead of handicapping it.
Just my $.02

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