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The Making of Florida One for SWA - Boeing 737

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Very cool video if you haven't seen it of the making of a 737, sped up to make a gorgeous bird for Southwest. ( עוד...

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Dorothy King 1
Really cool to watch the video...Go SWA !!!!That's all I fly. Hope to fly this one some day since I live in Florida !!!!
Kawaiipoint2 0
Anyone else notice how when they put the wings on, the winglets said Virgin...
QuickBurn 0
Yeah, they show an -800 on the assembly line. While it's still interesting & fun to watch, this has been squawked before.
Ben Lillie 0
I know, I thought the airframe was too long to be 737-700.
jimmy ihle 0
wow didnt know they had a new aircraft for that!
billykid05 0
Incredible how much it apes any modern Auto manufacturing assembly plant.
Loved the scene from inside offices, workers in the foreground in cubicles, planes rolling on line in background.

First time view for me so thanks! Enjoyed very much.
Charles Arkens 0
That is a lot of paint and weight.
Lloyd Boyette 0
Old post... been on here before. However, great vid!
skyddog 0
Way cool! I hope I get to ride on this one someday...soon!
Braden Joe 0
Southwest really embraces the "If it's not boeing, Im not going" spirit.
cblair0608 0
That was awesome to see.........very impressive
jaymeinen 0
I'm always amazed at how an 800 becomes a 700. I wonder how they do that? ;-)
toolguy105 0
I think one is longer than the other as one carries more passengers. If I am correct that would mean the fuselage is stretched with an additional section. Probably in front of the wing.
Ben Lillie 0
It's amazing.
Jeremy Kudlick 0
I don't know what the big deal is about how long it takes to build an aircraft. Boeing can build and paint a 737 in less than 2.5 minutes! :D
mattbna 0
Southwest got grilled about this video on Facebook a while back...and finally admitted that this is the same footage (of multiple 737-800s) that Boeing uses for all airline 737 assembly videos. The only footage that actually pertains to 'Florida One' is at the end when they're in the paint bay.
toolguy105 0
Nice looking plane
Toby Sharp 0
really cool.
John Garduno 0
I like that video of the 737 getting painted it looks very bitchen good job swa:-)
Brett Easton 0
What fantastic fast tracked video,so interesting how things work.

Kevin Ratcliffe 0
That paint job was very impressive, considering most places use decals now days.
Elizabeth Robillard 0
Good clip. Thanks!
Cid Silveira 0
Terry Martin 0
Indeed a cool video of the Florida One!!

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