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Plane crashes at airshow; pilot killed

MARTINSBURG - An aircraft with the Trojan Horsemen aircraft demo team has crashed at the Thunder Over the Blue Ridge open house and airshow during the tribute to the Armed Forces segment, killing the pilot. ( More...

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Linda Harden 0
Very sad news.
Toby Sharp 0
GEEZ, another bad weekend for airshows.....we can't let them shut us down when they try. cuz they are going to, get ready for the battle
linbb 0
Its part of any high risk type of event, there will be someone killed or injured some time the odds are always there no matter how safe one trys to make the event. It was only a matter of time before it happened at Reno. Look at the one overseas some years back, that one could have been prevented but they did not do what the FAA here mandates at airshows. If Reno had been over there they would have killed hundreds not just a few. Dont get me wrong about that as I dont like anyone to be injured at any event. But there is very little said about those pilots who have been lost over the years there and there was no call for them to be shut down.
Looked like either a medical or control stoppage. Roll maneuver stopped in 'knife edge' position without any appearance of opposite rudder to maintain a level 'pitch'attitude.
my husband and I were there in VIP seating. It looked like an accelerated stall. On the other hand, in some footage it looks like the upper wing had something come loose. Also, the day before during rehearsal he had trouble pulling out of that loop. We may never know the cause, but the loss of life in the accident is tragic, no matter the reason. The base is rethinking the airshow next year. Let's hope they hold it.
dbreslin 0
Nope, not an accelerated stall - Not a barrel roll. Not a loop. The guy who passed him in the other direction doing the same maneuver had no trouble with it. It was an aileron roll and Richard is correct. His roll maneuver stopped. From his position, altitude and speed he should have easily been able to complete the roll. Something happened to prevent him from continuing to wings level. Incapacitation may be a factor, so could a control malfunction. An aileron roll is a 1-g maneuver, simple and easy in a T28. What a shame...
Note the final heading of the plane at or just prior to impact. That's why I say a "Barrel Roll. Not great near the ground because you are not holding any fixed point of reference.
Wesley White 0
Tough year for airshows and air races...
The maneuver is a 'Barrel Roll'. The pilot maintains rear stick & aerleron pressure and allows the nose to drop & turn thru 90 degrees. The more I look at that footage , the more it looks like a lapse in attention to altitude & attitude. Its practically a perfect(except for altitude loss)Barrel Roll. If you saw something come loose; that's another story.


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