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Blue Angels Ford Mustang GT Sells for $400,000 at Charity Auction

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This is a pretty cool Mustang from Ford that went up for auction at the EAA AirVenture. It sold for $400,000 which went to the EAA AirVenture’s Young Eagles program. You can see in the photos some of the up close details on the car like the Blue Angels logo. The gauges on the inside are pretty cool with the speedometer displaying “ground speed” implying that the Mustang has an “air speed”. This Mustang was customized by Creation ‘n Chrome who are based out of Valencia, California. ( עוד...

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joe vendemia 0
damn i want it
mark tufts 0
if it were a blue angels aircraft i would want it and have my nephew a retired airforce ssgt work on it as he worked on all airforce f-16s plus acouple of the b-2 bombers
kvh1775 0
It's no Hornet but it will do.
pugrad92 0
I saw it at Oshkosh. It looked incredible! Lots of details and the paint color was awesome!
Jmumman 0
I recall seeing a Blue Angels Corvette on display in San Francisco during Fleet Week 2009
kldfligtrrt 0
My daughter and I want a matching set, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually this was a great project to benifit the Eagles program.
pugrad92 0
It sure is a great project for the Young Eagles program. Someone (usually Ford) donates something like this every year at Oshkosh so EAA can raise money for the Young Eagles. If I had this one, I would be scared to drive it anywhere!

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