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Long airline delays jump for 2nd straight month

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NEW YORK (AP) — More than a dozen planes sat on the tarmac for more than three hours in June, the government said Tuesday. It's the second month in a row that the number of three-hour delays reached . . . ( עוד...

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Robert Fleming 0
mark tufts 0
definatly not good
Gene spanos 0
Take the train boys.....the beer is cold!
I hate hearing this.After 20 years in aviation this I understanda kinda..But I also there is s solution that can take care of a lot of this could be worked out by the feds the airlines and the pilots.But they to me are all just a little lazy and the pax suffer for it.You can't blame the pilots for they don't like this situation no more than the Feds.Come on guys and gal think of us a little for it is or was our money spent.I would definately seek out other routes and airlines as we do here (Location witheld ) because I am fairly well known.and not a state or fed employee.
Pls pardon my spelling.Done via mobile phone.
Chip Hermes 0
Fewer flights but more delays?
IFlyUBuy 0
Just got delayed 2 hours from AUS to ELP due to t-storms in Orlando and here we are with a drought in Texas. Grrr...
crk112 0
What the hell is the point if the DOT isn't going to fine them? All the long delays that sparked the problem were caused by weather weren't they??

The point is don't make the passengers sit for 6 hours in the airplane... put them back in the terminal!!!
ken young 0
How about 6 hours.....A friend of mine was traveling from CLT to BUF.
First time pushed back, the aircraft taxied to hold short for about 90 minutes. Pilot told passengers an indicator light warned of a malfunction.
45 minutes later with the aircraft back at gate, mechanics fixed THAT issue. Push away number two: Taxi to hold and with that, another problem cropped up. After an hour of waiting in that aircraft, the passengers were told to deplane. Another aircraft was brought from a hangar(CLT is a US hub)so now the passengers were on that aircraft for 3 1/4 hours. After about 45 mins in the terminal, passengers were boarded. Next event was a line of TSMS which lasted another hour. Finally an 8:10 PM departure left CLT at 12:20 AM..5 hours and 50 mins behind schedule with 4.25 hrs of seat time in the aircraft.....Outrageous.
The bottom line is that carriers do not want to cancel flights where they would have to compensate delayed passengers. Second. At all costs, Airport managements DO NOT want passengers who've already boarded, back in the terminal.

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