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TSA finds 13 knives in carry-on luggage at BWI

Genius of the day alert: LINTHICUM, Md. - Transportation Security Administration officers have found 13 knives in the carry-on luggage of a passenger attempting to board a flight in the Washington area. ( More...

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Toby Sharp 0
Too bad they missed 20 knives before they found that bag and are a terrible waste of money
andrewderr 0
Yeah, a bag of 13 knives isn't much of a find, you could probably hear them rattling around when he set the bag down.
richard weiss 0
hand them out to 13 biker dudes and pray an islamic terrorist attacks that aircraft
Ronald Padgett 0
Just hand 'em out to 13 random passengers... same basic effect.
Fleagle 0
I'll take a stab at this...
They failed to say whether Amr GamalSheDid was a gay blade(that's discrimination,you know).
He didn't make'the cut'.
richard weiss 0
The truth is the knives were in Gramma's Depends. We always knew those old girls needed extra scrutiny
"noticed something suspicious" Not like 13 knives don't stick out like a yellow corvette in an open parking lot.....
Michael Fuquay 0
My guess is that it was a fabricated scam to make the TSA look good in the press, in light of all the ridicule they've received through the months/years. Who's to say this guy isn't a TSA agent?
Fleagle 0
Where is Insptr.Jacques Cleuseau (Peter Sellers)when you need his expertise?
Merde! Alors.
felony stupidity


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